- The Washington Times - Monday, December 12, 2016

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity is livid with the conservative website Red State.

Roughly 2 million of Mr. Hannity’s Twitter followers were told on Monday that Red State’s reputation has been “destroyed” and that bosses at Salem Media Group may need to get involved. The outburst came in response to a Dec. 10 article by writer Susan Wright titled “Sean Hannity Strips Away Any Prior Denials of Alt-Right Involvement.”

“Silly Trump fanboy, Sean Hannity, has pretty much gone off the rails now, as far as his devotion to his idol, Trump,” Ms. Wright wrote. “So much so, that he’s dived headfirst into the festering cesspool of alt-right idiocy. After months of claiming the high road, denying any connection between Trump supporters and racially motivated players, Hannity gives in and promotes the ignoble cause of white nationalists.”

At issue was Mr. Hannity’s decision to retweet a Twitter user on Dec. 9 who called radio host John Zigler a “c—kservative.”

“Need I say more?” the Fox star added to Twitter user @Pantszilla77’s statement.

The popular social media commentator @SooperMexican pointed out that political savvy pundits know that the term “c—kservative” has racial and sexual roots, whereby a white man allows a black man to sleep with his wife.

“It’s possible that Hannity has no idea what a ‘cuck’ has come to mean in the alt-right circle, but I kind of doubt that even he missed that bit of information, since it has been a big part of this election season,” Ms. Wright added.

Still, Mr. Hannity was furious with her column.

“I have spent a career speaking out vs Racism as evil and morally repugnant. Now @RedState goes hard core left wing with smears and slander,” Mr. Hannity tweeted. “I hope the bosses at Salem are paying attention. A once great site has been destroyed. You can thank me when Trump appoints originalists.”

The news curation website Twitchy then aggregated the Fox News star’s back-and-forth with one of Red State’s senior contributing editors, Ben Howe.

“I have given them enough attention. Any human being with a heart and soul despises racism Whether left or right,” Mr. Hannity eventually wrote.

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