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Oscar-winning actress Sally Field said she has finally decided to join Twitter in order to better understand how the American people could elect a man like Donald Trump.

“I want to know what other people are thinking,” Ms. Field, 70, said on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show aired Thursday. “I want to know why they voted for this man who does not stand for anything and has no real evidence.

“There is no evidence. If you look at his past, if you look at his history, there is no evidence that he can do one single thing that he says he’s going to do,” she said, getting increasingly heated. “Not one single thing.

“He has shown to be everything that he accuses and has accused Hillary Clinton of being,” she continued. “It is now evident he is all of those things, every single thing that he accused her of. So, I don’t think that all the people that voted for him are bad and horrible people. I just don’t understand it.”

Ms. Field expressed confusion about how the Electoral College works, saying she didn’t understand how Mrs. Clinton could win the popular vote and not the election.

“This is why I’m on Twitter,” she said. “I don’t understand when they call this a democracy and yet the people are not getting the representation that they voted for.”

The “Forrest Gump” actress joined Twitter on Nov. 9, the day after the election, under the aptly named handle @realmommagump. She said at the time that she was joining the fast-paced social media network in order to pull her “head out of the sand” where she had been “comfortably ensconced.”

“I thought we were standing up against evil, fighting for democracy by campaigning for [Hillary Rodham Clinton], by casting our votes. What now?” she wrote.

She also circulated a petition seeking to persuade Republican electors into casting their votes for the Democratic nominee.

“I’ve read op-ed after op-ed. Telling how the Dems failed. I can’t get over the fact, HRC won the popular vote. Do those people not matter?” she asked.

She also linked to a New York Times article titled, “As American as Apple Pie? The Rural Vote’s Disproportionate Slice of Power,” which argued that the Electoral College promotes a “distinctly pro-rural bias.”

Ms. Field commented: “Wow. I feel stuck. I feel sick. I feel I should move.”

Her new Twitter account had gained 8,331 followers as of Friday afternoon.

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