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Carrie Keagan has a filthy, filthy mouth, but the VH1 host, interviewer and reality star claims she is not alone. Just tune in to her online NoGoodTV.com show and you’ll see the likes of Will Smith getting down and dirty (and swearing their asses off) with the blond comedian.

Now Miss Keagan has actually written the book on celebrities and cursing by culling together the swear-packed moments of some 8,000 interviews. At a fan con in L.A., Miss Keagan discussed whether she is a geek or a nerd, her favorite curse word, her upcoming gig on “Celebrity Apprentice” — with Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over for President-elect Donald Trump — and her hilarious new book, “Everybody Curses I Swear: Uncensored Tales From The Hollywood Trenches.”

Question: Do you do a lot of these pop culture conventions?

Answer: I just started doing the conventions, and they’re really fun. The best part is you never know who you will be sitting next to. Today I’m sitting next to Flash Gordon (actor Sam J. Jones). Dita Von Teese was here yesterday. Casper Van Dien is across the way. It’s amazing!

I’m a big nerd. I geek out when I walk into Comic-Cons. This is like my heaven.

Q: How many of these have you been to?

A: I go to San Diego Comic-Con every year. Probably for the last nine years. I’m serious! [laughs]

Q: Do you consider yourself a geek or a nerd or both?

A: I don’t know. Geek, I guess. To me both words are the same. I know that some people view them very differently and take them very seriously.

Maybe I grew up a nerd and now I’m a geek? I don’t know. [laughs]

Q: What is the most common thing fans say when they come up to you?

A: A lot of people know me from “Attack of the Show” and wonder if “Attack of the Show” is very going to come back. My answer is I … hope so.

Q: What is the strangest thing anyone has asked you to sign?

A: Their child.

Q: An actual child?

A: Yeah.

Q: Do they want you to sign anywhere in particular on the child?

A: They just put the baby on the table and say, “Sign wherever you like.” [laughs] It’s fun too. The kid doesn’t have any idea.

Q: Has anyone ever had you sign their body and then come back with it tattooed on?

A: Not that I know of. But I’ve seen that where people get tats of someone’s autograph. It’s kind of awesome, but that’s a commitment.

Q: When you come to Comic-Cons do you ever dress up?

A: Sometimes. I’m “Power Girl,” so I do that. I’ve also been Princess Allura from “Voltron.” And Carrie from the movie “Carrie.” Especially at Halloween. That’s a good day to be Carrie.

Q: How did the book come about?

A: People know me from my website [NoGoodTV.com] which is all celebrity uncensored interviews. I compiled all the stories and a little behind-the-scenes [material]. I put some transcriptions from my interviews, and “Everybody Curses I Swear” is now born.

Q: What’s in the book?

A: Swearing. Uncensored celebs. There is a chapter in my book that is dedicated to the whole Comic-Con world, dedicated to the fans, and it features all the biggest names from the con world out there saying the most outrageous stuff you can imagine. If you want to see the entire cast of “The Avengers” going off, you gotta read it. It’s super fun. Even George Lucas is there, and he’s filthy! [laughs]

Everybody curses. I swear.

Q: Is there anything in there a celebrity asked you not to put in the book?

A: No, because everything that is in the book is really fun and positive. It’s not meant to be salacious or gossipy or anything like that. But it’s dirty as hell. [laughs]

Q: Do you swear a lot?

A: I do.

Q:What is your favorite curse word?

A: [There’s one phrase] from the movie “Blade: Trinity.” It’s my favorite, and any chance I get to work it into conversation, I will. 

Q: Are there any situations in which you won’t swear?

A: Sure. You gotta work the room, do what the room can handle. 

Q: Away from “No Good TV” and the book, what else are you working on?

A: I’m on the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice.” I’m one of the contestants on that with Arnold Schwarzenegger that premieres Jan. 2. I’m excited about that. The cast is awesome.

Q: Who is on the show with you?

A: Boy George, Vince Neil, Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips, Layla Ali, Lisa Leslie, Snooki from “Jersey Shore.” There are 16 of us.

Q: As a fan girl, who would you most like to meet in this world?

A: Dude, Stan Lee. I haven’t met him here yet today, but I have met him in the past. I hear this is his last Comic-Con. That’s what the rumor is. Lets hope that it’s wrong.

It may be my fault. Maybe something I said. [laughs]

“Celebrity Apprentice” premieres Monday, and Carrie Keagan’s book, “Everybody Curses I Swear: Uncensored Tales From The Hollywood Trenches” will be available Jan. 10. 

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