- The Washington Times - Monday, February 1, 2016

Michael Moore says the United States is ready for a socialist president in his official endorsement for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

“Do you ever wonder why the pundits, the political class, are always so sure that Americans ‘just aren’t ready’ for something — and then they’re always just so wrong?” Mr. Moore, 61, wrote in his blog Sunday. “They say these things because they want to protect the status quo. They don’t want the boat rocked. They try to scare the average person into voting against their better judgment.

“They once said that it wasn’t ‘realistic’ to pass a Civil Rights Act AND a Voting Rights Act back to back. America just wasn’t ‘ready for it.’ Both passed, in 1964 & 1965,” the liberal filmmaker and activist continued.

“And now, this year ‘they’ are claiming that there’s no way a ‘democratic socialist’ can get elected President of the United States. That is the main talking point coming now from the Hillary Clinton campaign office,” he wrote. “So, what is democratic socialism? It’s having a true democracy where everyone has a seat at the table, where everyone has a voice, not just the rich.”

He went on to argue that “the days of the Cold War & Commie Pinkos & the Red Scare look as stupid as ‘Reefer Madness.’ “

“If Hillary’s biggest selling point as to why you should vote for her is, ‘Bernie’s a socialist!’ or ‘A socialist can’t win!’ then she’s lost,” he said. “There are many good things about Hillary. But it’s clear she’s to the right of Obama and will move us backwards, not forward. This would be sad. Very sad.”

Mr. Moore said he first endorsed Mr. Sanders in 1990 when he was running for the Vermont House as the mayor of Burlington. “I’ve been a supporter of his ever since, and he’s never given me reason to not continue that support,” Mr. Moore wrote.

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