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Chutzpah is one of those Yiddish words that defy exact definition. Merriam Webster lists synonyms like “audacity,” “nerve,” “cheek” and “gall.”

An illustration might help. Chutzpah is President Obama giving a speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day, at the Israeli embassy in Washington, declaring “We are all Jews” and that his government is “leading the global fight against anti-Semitism.”

And how does Mr. Obama fight anti-Semitism? By pushing for the admission of tens of thousands more Muslim refugees into the United States — a program that 67 percent of Americans said they wanted suspended after the San Bernardino slaughter. A 2006 Pew Survey found epidemic levels of Jew hatred in the Muslim world — infecting 98 percent of Egyptians, 76 percent of Indonesians and 60 percent of Pakistanis.

In Europe, anti-Semitism is at levels not seen since the late 1930s. In his speech, Mr. Obama observed, “We see some Jews leaving major European cities — where their families have lived for generations, because they no longer feel safe .” He didn’t suggest a cause for this anxiety. Let me try.

Between 2011 and 2012, there was a 58 percent surge in anti-Semitic incidents in France, a nation that’s now 10 percent Muslim. In Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, where a few hundred Jews live among 60,000 Muslims, it’s Kristallnacht 24/7. An expose by the BBC found that books in Muslim schools in Britain teach children that Jews are the descendants of “apes” and “pigs, and Zionists are conspiring to rule the world.

At an anti-Israel protest in Florida a few years ago, a woman clad in a hijab screamed at counterdemonstrators: “Go back to the ovens!” and “You need a big oven, that’s what you need!” Last December, the owner of a Jewish bookstore in Brooklyn was beaten by a man shouting, “[Expletive deleted] you Jews. I’ll kill you all. I’m a Muslim.” With Operation Jihad Lift, Mr. Obama is importing more of this poison, along with the potential for more terrorism. But for this president, diversity always trumps national security.

Regarding terrorism, the president is in perpetual denial mode. When five people were murdered at a kosher market in Paris, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo killings, Mr. Obama initially said it was a “random attack.” The gunman just wanted to slaughter shoppers and had no idea kosher markets are patronized by Jews.

After every headline-grabbing attack — Fort Hood, Benghazi, the Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino — it’s always the same: Let’s not rush to judgment. It was probably workplace violence sparked by a video. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

The day of the president’s address, Iran announced its latest Holocaust cartoon contest. (“Hey kids, perpetuate anti-Semitic stereotypes. Win big prizes!”) And in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned: “Iran is calling for our destruction. It is developing nuclear weapons. This is the reason it is building underground bunkers for the enrichment of uranium. This is the reason it continues to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads to threaten the entire world.” In other words, it’s building a really, really big ovens.

In 2015, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the country that stands between Jews and another Holocaust “a barbaric, wolf-like, infanticidal regime,” which “spares no crime [and] has no cure but to be annihilated.”

Last August, Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed Secretary of State John Kerry for The Atlantic. Mr. Goldberg asked Mr. Kerry (architect of Mr. Obama’s Iran debacle): “Do you believe that Iranian leaders sincerely seek elimination of the Jewish state?” Mr. Kerry tripped over his shoelaces dancing around the question: “I think they have a fundamental ideological confrontation with Israel at this particular moment. Whether or not that translates into active steps, to quote, ‘Wipe it,’ you know .” The secretary is almost as eloquent as he is reassuring. He also believes Palestinian capo Mahmoud Abbas “has been committed to non-violence.”

But not to worry, as the president assured a Jewish audience in 2012 — he “has Israel’s back.” Remember that while he’s releasing $150 billion in Iranian assets, in exchange for an inspection system of Iran’s nuclear facilities that consists of closing his eyes, counting to 10 million, and calling, “Ready of not, here I come.”

As a Holocaust historian, surely the president recalls that first came the torrent of Jew hatred, then the random acts of violence, and finally the systematic slaughter. The first two we have. The third is on the horizon. Good thing for the Jews that Mr. Obama — who was mentored by Rev. Jeremiah Wright of the Church of Israel Is Committing Genocide — has their back.

Don Feder, a former columnist for the Boston Herald, is a freelance writer.

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