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Some states have been cutting back on the benefits offered to unemployed workers. Since the end of the recession, eight states have reduced the duration that people can receive benefits below the traditional length of 26 weeks. Others have reduced the amount of money people can receive or tightened eligibility.

A state-by-state look at the maximum duration of benefits for people who file initial claims after Jan. 1, 2016, the number of people who received benefits in 2015, the total amount of benefits paid and the percent of the unemployed who received benefits in 2015:

StateMaximum Weeks of Benefits 2016People Receiving Benefits 2015Benefits Paid 2015Percent of Unemployed Receiving Benefits
Alabama26101,557$204,977,60218.2 percent
Alaska2641,821$123,460,58136.6 percent
Arizona26115,804$290,381,06116.9 percent
Arkansas2089,121$240,518,41030.5 percent
California261,481,339$5,456,325,87032.5 percent
Colorado26129,734$535,969,68626.5 percent
Connecticut26184,853$712,468,04239.1 percent
Delaware2626,437$78,543,18031.5 percent
District of Columbia2632,290$117,139,47715.0 percent
Florida12269,764$518,071,34012.0 percent
Georgia14242,935$420,882,15713.9 percent
Hawaii2634,456$157,488,12030.5 percent
Idaho2647,910$104,107,84627.6 percent
Illinois26491,362$1,861,952,30331.0 percent
Indiana26137,070$350,574,33317.6 percent
Iowa26134,661$422,378,79436.3 percent
Kansas1685,404$261,732,83224.9 percent
Kentucky2696,534$339,150,25023.2 percent
Louisiana2679,661$204,389,69916.7 percent
Maine2645,308$117,992,63729.0 percent
Maryland26167,668$574,118,08926.2 percent
Massachusetts30301,394$1,524,059,65342.5 percent
Michigan20361,114$826,572,21526.2 percent
Minnesota26200,247$779,169,99940.6 percent
Mississippi2655,390$102,871,14117.3 percent
Missouri13173,056$337,601,30921.6 percent
Montana2839,564$108,636,80238.9 percent
Nebraska2636,571$86,814,13125.7 percent
Nevada2699,930$359,603,38927.4 percent
New Hampshire2626,808$67,636,76219.5 percent
New Jersey26446,526$2,089,483,81841.8 percent
New Mexico2649,057$189,277,31321.8 percent
New York26715,553$2,426,793,64834.2 percent
North Carolina13155,305$282,968,60412.8 percent
North Dakota2634,332$170,402,57537.5 percent
Ohio26299,452$977,451,50923.5 percent
Oklahoma2678,332$344,855,62226.8 percent
Oregon26148,441$524,116,73630.4 percent
Pennsylvania26601,762$2,262,784,88643.2 percent
Rhode Island2648,869$160,437,41132.9 percent
South Carolina2086,055$156,610,92312.7 percent
South Dakota2610,069$25,574,89113.0 percent
Tennessee26133,539$279,141,95314.8 percent
Texas26646,062$2,847,508,36028.2 percent
Utah2654,961$174,427,51721.2 percent
Vermont2625,362$73,059,73438.7 percent
Virginia26130,514$405,356,45615.2 percent
Washington26252,331$1,009,052,75927.6 percent
West Virginia2671,666$228,311,94929.6 percent
Wisconsin26244,956$584,994,84236.1 percent
Wyoming2621,133$94,019,09932.2 percent

Source: Information about the number and percent of people receiving benefits and the total benefits paid was prepared for The Associated Press by the Division of Fiscal and Actuarial Services in the Office of Unemployment Insurance of the U.S. Department of Labor.

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