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Late-night talk show host Bill Maher on Friday said the idea that Syrian refugees can assimilate into Western countries and culture is a “fantasy.”

Citing polls that indicate many Muslims are in favor of Sharia law, the “Real Time” host said, “The idea that when Syrian refugees come to European countries or America that they are going to fit in is a fantasy,” Mediaite reported.

He argued that “insisting that people around the world who are not like us, are going to be like us” is a mistake in thinking, and he said people are starting to realize that now.

“We saw this, just recently, in Cologne, Germany. When all the Syrian refugees were going to Europe, I wasn’t for it, and I think a lot of people are coming around to that position,” Mr. Maher said.

On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by groups of asylum seekers in Cologne. The incident has prompted widespread criticism of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow millions of Syrian refugees to resettle in the country.

Mr. Maher said that while he believes GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims is wrong, “this is one issue the Democrats are going to lose the election on” because voters have to chose between “demagogue Donald Trump, and Hillary and Obama who won’t even say Islamic terrorism.”

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He shot back at accusations that he is indicting all Muslims, saying liberals “don’t want to indict any of them.”

At the end of his first episode back from break, Mr. Maher urged his audience to sign a petition requesting President Obama appear on his HBO talk show, saying the president has “done virtually every other show in the known universe.”

Mr. Obama has appeared on numerous talk shows during his presidency, including interviews on “Between Two Ferns,” with Zach Galifianakis and an interview with YouTube star GloZell Green.

Mr. Maher, who turns 60 this week, demanded to know why Mr. Obama wouldn’t sit down and talk with him even though he regularly supports his administration.

“Sean Penn can get an interview with El Chapo, but I can’t get on the president who talked to the lady with the green lips?” he asked.

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