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Of course Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee’s emails. China, Iran and others probably hacked them as well. They also hacked Hillary Clinton’s unsecure server in the bathroom.

It’s what countries do — they spy.

By the way, the United States does the same thing in return, guaranteed. Have you ever heard of the NSA? Of course you have.

Countries do what is in their best interests. Typically, knowing what a future leader of a potential adversary (or ally, as in Israel) might do in certain situations is beneficial for one’s perceived national security.

But what about Donald Trump’s comments, you say? The wailing from the left over The Donald’s Russia joke is the height of hypocrisy.

I received an email from a “lefty” friend asking if it was all right to now tweet #TraitorTrump. My reply was simple. Trump has never held office. He has never had access to classified information. His comments were in jest.

On the contrary, the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, has, in my mind and in many others’, committed treason by selling the secrets of the United States to the highest bidder. She sold favors to foreign governments for contributions to the Clinton Foundation, where, depending on which statistic you use, only 9 percent of the proceeds actually go to charity. The rest of the money is spent on salaries for her friends and booking trips for Bill on the “Lolita Express,” with beds installed for sex with underage girls.

The fact that Hillary and the rest of the Democratic Party can say, with a straight face, that Mr. Trump is a traitor after all of the misdeeds of the Clintons have come to light (and I’m sure there are many still to come) is just ridiculous. She complains about the Russians telling the world about her corrupt deeds but swears Russia never hacked her server in the bathroom that didn’t even have password protection at times. Yeah, the one where they had to shut it down multiple times because “someone” was in there. And that is straight from the lips of the FBI director himself.

The Democrats are trying their best to deflect from Hillary’s multiple problems and scandals by attempting to skewer Mr. Trump on his national security petard. The fact is, if her emails that Mr. Trump mentioned were just about yoga, then there shouldn’t be a problem, right? And they weren’t on a government server anyway. They were on her own private communication system that broke every federal security law in the book. Pathetic.

Mr. Trump’s point on national security is that he is going to take care of America first. We don’t have the money anymore to protect the rest of the world. They are going to have to carry their share of the burden, at least until we get our financial house in order.

Only a handful of NATO countries actually pay the 2 percent of gross domestic product required by the treaty for national defense. All the while, the European Union competes with us economically, sitting under our nuclear umbrella, taking our companies to antitrust lawsuits to reduce our competitive advantage.

Yes, Mr. Trump is right about national security. We are broke, and Mr. Trump is the “King of Debt.” He is uniquely qualified to restructure this malfunctioning corporation called the United States of America. The debt is the one thing that can kill us overnight. He understands this. The problem has to be dealt with. Failure is not an option in this regard.

What America can count on is that if Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States, our national security will be sold to the Arab or Chinese bidder that forks over the most money. She has demonstrated this treasonous behavior over and over again.

That is what the Democrats are so afraid of — that people will figure this out. That is why they have to stir up false fears about Mr. Trump.

We should all start tweeting #TraitorHillary.

L. Todd Wood is a former special operations helicopter pilot and Wall Street debt trader, and has contributed to Fox Business, The Moscow Times, National Review, the New York Post and many other publications. He can be reached through his website, LToddWood.com.

• L. Todd Wood can be reached at ltwood@123washingtontimes.com.

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