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Talk-show host and comedian Chelsea Handler penned an essay on abortion rights for Playboy magazine, revealing that she’s grateful she was able to legally get an abortion, twice, when she was 16 years old.

Ms. Handler said she was in a “very bad stage” in her life when she got pregnant twice by the same boyfriend. She said that for the first time in her life, her parents “acted like parents” and took her to a Planned Parenthood clinic.

“I felt parented, ironically, while I was getting an abortion. And when it was over, I was relieved in every possible way,” she wrote. “And I didn’t have just one abortion; I had two in the same year, impregnated by the same guy. I didn’t have the money the second time. I had to scrape together the $230 to pay Planned Parenthood, but it was a safe abortion.

“Getting unintentionally pregnant more than once is irresponsible, but it’s still necessary to make a thoughtful decision,” she continued. “We all make mistakes all the time. I happened to [expletive] up twice at the age of 16. I’m grateful that I came to my senses and was able to get an abortion legally without risking my health or bankrupting myself or my family. I’m 41 now. I don’t ever look back and think, God, I wish I’d had that baby.”

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down part of an anti-abortion law in Texas that abortion rights supporters argued would have shut down almost all of the clinics in the state.

Ms. Handler said she isn’t too worried about the future of abortion rights, because “we’re too far ahead of the game.”

“Once you go forward in history, you don’t go backward,” she argued. “That would be like the government saying, ‘OK, we’re taking away your right to vote, too.’ You can’t introduce a black person and be like, ‘Oh, I just got a slave!’ That era is over. It’s similar to what’s happening in Mississippi and some other states with gay-marriage discrimination — marriage equality is going to take. You can’t stop that. We’ve already made the decision, and now we’re moving on to transgender rights. And it’s a wrap on men deciding what women can do with their bodies.

“We have 7.3 billion people on this planet. Anybody who carefully decides not to become a parent — let alone a bad parent, which is what I would have become — should be applauded for making a smart and sustainable decision,” she concluded. “I’d love for somebody to try to tell me what to do with my body. I dare them.”

Ms. Handler’s revealing essay received mixed reviews on social media.

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