- Associated Press - Thursday, June 9, 2016

Paul McCartney, “Pure McCartney” (Concord/Hear Music)

Paul McCartney reviews his post-Beatle albums on “Pure McCartney,” a quirky mix of 67 hits and personal favorites that’s both delightful and baffling.

With over 300 songs to choose from since his 1970 solo debut, Sir Paul’s anthology confirms his incomparable gift for melody, has catchy songs far beyond the hits and combines eclectic picks with notable absences.

Also released as a double CD that updates but doesn’t surpass 2001’s “Wingspan” collection and a four-disc vinyl edition, “Pure McCartney” makes the most sense as a four-disc CD set unless you already own all the albums.

Rarities are few and far between - some remixes and “Hope for the Future,” written for a 2014 video game - while 25 songs have been newly remastered.

The compilation is McCartney’s own mixtape, one version of how he sees his career. Just like the fans, McCartney has favorites among his hits and album cuts. Eight tracks from “Flaming Pie” and five from “New” while none from “Flowers in the Dirt” or “Driving Rain” indicate clear preferences.

There are no cover versions, which may be in line with the “pure” concept, but excludes his smoldering version of “No Other Baby.”

You can’t please everyone, but why “Bip Bop” again instead of “Some People Never Know” and no “Little Lamb Dragonfly,” ”Spies Like Us,” ”My Brave Face” or “Only Love Remains”? You get the uplifting “Wanderlust” but where are “Somebody Who Cares” or “Take It Away”? “Warm and Beautiful” over “Beware My Love”?

Still, “Pure McCartney” is a substantial, honest and gratifying introduction to the long and winding career of a pop music giant, a tasting menu whetting the appetite for more.



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