- Associated Press - Tuesday, March 1, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - DIVISION I, Newspapers with daily circulation up to 7,999:

Best Headline Writer: Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette; Michelle Goodman, The Ironton Tribune; Gary Abernathy, Hillsboro Times-Gazette.

Best Business Writer: Josh Ewers, The Bryan Times; Jeff Barron, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette.

Best Columnist: Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette; Andrea Chaffin, The (London) Madison Press; Gary Abernathy, Hillsboro Times-Gazette.

Best Editorial Writer: Jim Sabin, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; J.D. Creer, The Salem News; Michael Throne, Chillicothe Gazette.

Best Feature Writer: Scott Halasz, Xenia Daily Gazette; Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette; Mary Ann Greier, The Salem News.

Best Graphics Artist: Kandi Thompson, The Ironton Tribune; Sarah Allen, Hillsboro Times-Gazette; Erin O’Neill, The Marietta Times.

Best Sports Columnist: Tom Wilson, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; David Fong, Troy Daily News; Rich McGowan, The (Fremont) News-Messenger.

Best Sports Feature Writer: David Fong, Troy Daily News; Tom Wilson, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; Cameron Teague-Robinson, Coshocton Tribune.

Best Sports Writer: Josh Brown, Troy Daily News; David Fong, Troy Daily News; Scott Halasz, Xenia Daily Gazette.

Best Photographer: Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger; Jessica St. James, The Ironton Tribune; Jason Molyet, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum.

Best News Writer: Matthew Kent, Chillicothe Gazette; Spencer Remoquillo, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette.

Best Sports Enterprise: Rich McGowan, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “A Tribute to Rob Lytle”; David Fong, Troy Daily News, “An Inexact Science: Football Recruiting Can be Hit or Miss”; Rich McGowan, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “On the Right Track”.

Best Special Sports Section: Rich McGowan, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Rob Lytle Tribute”; Rich McGowan, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Fall Football Preview 2015”; Xenia Daily Gazette, “Greene County Pathways”.

Best Daily Sports Section: Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; The (Fremont) News-Messenger; Chillicothe Gazette.

Best Illustration or Informational Graphic: Erin O’Neill, The Marietta Times, “High Hazard Dams”; Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Buckeye Lake Dam”; Erin O’Neill, The Marietta Times, “Inflatable Safety”.

Best News Photo: Matthew Hatcher, The Marion Star, “High Water Closes Roads”; Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Fire Engulfs House”; Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Garage Fire”.

Best Feature Photo: Jess Grimm, Chillicothe Gazette, “Junior Fair Night”; Jess Grimm, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Mule Races”; Jessica St. James, The Ironton Tribune, “Ha-ha . I Got Grandma Kissing You”.

Best Sports Photo: Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Fighting for the Pass”; Elise Manahan, Chillicothe Gazette, “State Track”; Matthew Hatcher, The Marion Star, “Flying High”.

Best Photo Story: Jess Grimm, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “12-Year-Old Girl Competes in Local Mud Bog”; Matthew Hatcher, The Marion Star, “Alexes Beats Cancer”; Elise Manahan, Chillicothe Gazette, “Honor Flight Takes Locals on Flight to Remember”.

Best Video: Molly Corfman, Port Clinton News-Herald, “Soybean Harvest”; Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Charles Holcomb, World War II Prisoner of War”; Molly Corfman, Port Clinton News-Herald, “Civil War Reenactment”.

Best Public Service: Gary Abernathy, Hillsboro Times-Gazette, “Foster Care: Budget Suffers, Families Needed”; Chillicothe Gazette, “Mayoral Town Hall”; Spencer Remoquillo, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Pawn Shop Rip-off”.

Best Spot News Coverage: Melanie Yingst, Troy Daily News, “Children Poisoned”; Spencer Remoquillo and Jess Grimm, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Mudhouse Mansion Demolition”; Sara Nealeigh, Chillicothe Gazette, “Sheriff: Alcohol Involved in Shooting”.

Best Explanatory Reporting: Spencer Remoquillo and Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Lithopolis Road Woes”; Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette, “Who’s Cleaning Ross County?”; Jon Stinchcomb, Port Clinton News-Herald, “Lake Erie Algae Bloom Ongoing Stories”.

Best Enterprise Reporting: Nathan Kraatz, Wilmington News Journal, “Heroin From All Sides”; Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette, “Body Cameras Alter Police Landscape”; Brian Bohnert, The (Fostoria) Review Times, “Human Trafficking in Ohio”.

Best Investigative Reporting: Spencer Remoquillo, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Prosecutor’s Office Investigation”; Spencer Remoquillo, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Hamm Investigation”; Craig Shoup, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Sheriff Follows Porn Stars on Twitter”.

Best Full Page Design: Richard Griffis, The Bryan Times, “Marvelous Trip”; Jim Mackey, The (East Liverpool) Review; Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Confession to Murder”.

Best Digital Presence: Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; Chillicothe Gazette; The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune.

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