- Associated Press - Monday, March 7, 2016

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) - A Scottsdale Fire Department spokesman says firefighters frequently respond to calls about bees but that the rescue of a woman and several pets was worse than normal.

Bees stung three dogs many, many times in the townhome’s backyard, and the woman herself was stung several times when she got the dogs into the home Sunday, Battalion Chief Adam Hoster said.

“They were pretty bad off,” Hoster said of the dogs. “They were just covered with bees.”

Firefighters were able to get the woman and the dogs out of the home. She wasn’t seriously injured, but the dogs died from being stung.

The woman also had four cats - two adults and two kittens -in the home. They survived, Hoster said.

At least two firefighters were stung during the incident when a few bees got inside the nets that the responders wore over their helmets.

“This one seemed to get progressively worse,” Hoster said of the incident.

Just finding the bees’ hive was difficult because it was hidden in an attic area of the second-story residence, Hoster said.

It appeared the bees got inside the home to build their hive by somehow getting behind wall stucco in the eaves area, Hoster said.

Firefighters who went up to the second floor reported there were openings of some kind in the home’s interior walls, but it’s also possible a window or door was open, Hoster said. “There were thousands of bees inside her home.”

Firefighters used foam spray to suffocate the bees, and an exterminator removed the hive, along with another hive on a nearby unit in the complex, Hoster said.

The exterminator estimated the hive in the woman’s home had 50,000 bees, and Hoster said the exterminator told firefighters it was the largest hive he’d ever seen.



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