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The economy is gasping, the world shudders in violence, invaders heave across our southern border, and despair is etched on the faces of the American people. So, in the final year of his reign, what does our great Prophet of Hope and Change give us?

Bathroom liberation. Pee free or die! Equality before the commode!

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President Obama and his crew of craven, lawless radicals have trivialized everything that is most sacred and cherished in America. And they have elevated and sanctified all that is trivial and pernicious.

In Cuba, Mr. Obama takes his foreign policy cues from Jay Z and Beyonce. In Iran, he makes secret dirty deals with the most hateful, murderous totalitarian fiends on the global stage.

In North Carolina, he has taken a Tempest in a Toilet and turned it into Bedlam in the Bidet.

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What started as a ridiculous grasp for attention by silly people on the town council of a sleepy little city in North Carolina has now become, thanks to Mr. Obama, a national debate over whether people who are scientifically, technically male have the right to hang out in the women’s bathroom. You know, use the bathroom, powder their noses, take some selfies. Do a little lurking. Maybe rape somebody.

Seriously? Are these people serious?

In response, the State of North Carolina passed a law saying, No, people who are technically and scientifically men CANNOT hang out in the ladies’ room.

Well, this triggered something fierce in the Obama administration, who dispatched the most powerful law enforcement officer in the land to settle it. Because this is the issue that is so urgently pressing against America’s most vital interests today. And when Attorney General Loretta Lynch arrives on the scene, she does what?

This legal giant — the great legal scholar’s legal scholar — announced she is going to sue the state of North Carolina on behalf of you, the citizens of the United States. Not because some backwater city council is confused about which public bathrooms grown men and women should be using. No, she is suing the state of North Carolina for clearing it all up for them.

And, because absolutely everything this administration does is viewed through the distorted lens of race and racism, Ms. Lynch couched the controversy in terms of race.

“This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation,” she said, reading from a prepared statement we assume she had actually thought about before committing to paper.

“We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation,” she said, with a straight face.

Because telling a dude with his camera phone to stay out of the lady’s room is no different from telling a black woman she may not use the bathroom for white women. Or, that black people must sit at the back of the bus.

Having dedicated men’s rooms and women’s rooms is the same thing as denying black children an education.

This is some kind of joke, right? These people cannot be serious. Yet, they are. Deadly.

The path to lawless bedlam in America is paved by trivializing what’s important and amplifying the ridiculous.

Yes, it reveals much about the darkened souls of Mr. Obama and Ms. Lynch that they would choose to make political hay out of seriously disturbed people struggling with mental illness and sometimes even physical deformities. These poor people should be shown love and respect, not trotted around like some kind of freak show in Mr. Obama’s traveling political carnival.

Even worse, though, it reveals just how clueless Mr. Obama and Ms. Lynch are about the long and real struggles blacks had to overcome in America to become truly whole citizens in this great country.

They disgrace the truly brave and serious people whose shoulders they so undeservingly stand on.

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