- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A transgender woman who attends the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has filed a complaint against the school’s fitness center for denying her access to the women’s locker room.

Justine Kramer, whose legal name was still “Justin” when she attempted to use the gym’s sauna in January, said employees at the Klotsche Center engaged in discrimination by denying her access to the women’s facilities.

“She asked me, ‘Are you supposed to be here?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘Are you sure?’ I said, ‘Yes,’ because I was well aware that this was a women’s locker room,” Kramer told local station TMJ4.

Ms. Kramer, who has short brown hair and masculine facial features, acknowledged that she does not look like a woman. But she said that does not give the school license to discriminate on the basis of gender identity.

“Here they were kicking me out when our interpretation of the policy was this was OK, when according to the Klotsche Center, it wasn’t OK,” she said.

Dean of Students Timothy Gordon told TMJ4 the facility in question is old and was not built to ensure maximum privacy. But he said the university is evaluating a new policy to balance the rights of all students using the facility.

“The focus of that policy is to attempt to provide access to facilities to people based on their gender identity, but also balance the rights of all students who use those facilities,” Mr. Gordon said.

The policy would require transgender people using the facilities of the opposite sex to cover their genitalia while in the presence of others.

But the university’s Student Association has proposed changes to the policy, striking several sections that they say discriminate against transgender students.

And associate professor of sociology Cary Costello, who is a transgender man, wrote in a letter he is “frankly shocked” by the policy’s posture as “inclusive” of transgender students.



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