- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rick Perry threw his support behind presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in the presidential race, marking a stark turnaround for the former Texas governor who last year called the New York billionaire “a cancer on conservatism.”

Mr. Perry’s announcement came hours after House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, the highest ranking Republican official, said he is not ready to support Mr. Trump because he first wants him to unify the party and lead a campaign that Americans can be proud of.

“He is not a perfect man,” Mr. Perry told CNN. “But what I do believe is that he loves this country and he will surround himself with capable, experienced people and he will listen to them,” he said.

Mr. Perry tried to salvage his second bid for the White House earlier this year by sounding the alarm about the negative impact Mr. Trump would have on the party.

The strategy backfired and Mr. Perry’s campaign flamed out.

Mr. Perry endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, a fellow Texas Republican, in January.

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Mr. Cruz suspended his campaign this week after finishing a distant second to Mr. Trump in the Indiana primary, clearing the way for Mr. Trump to wrap up the delegates he needed to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention.

“I believe in the process, and the process has said Donald Trump will be our nominee and I’m going to support him and help him and do what I can,” Mr. Perry told CNN.

Mr. Perry called Mr. Trump “one of the most talented people who has ever run for the president I have ever seen.”



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