- The Washington Times - Friday, May 6, 2016

A high school senior in Warren, Michigan, was suspended Thursday for flying a Confederate flag from the back of his pickup truck on school property.

Ryan Delicato, 17, said officials at Warren Mott High School told him he caused a disruption by flying the flag while parked outside the school, Detroit’s NBC News affiliate reported.

“They said I was harming other kid’s education and everything because it’s a distraction,” the teen said.

Ryan said his flying of the flag was not meant to be perceived as racist, but rather a reflection of his family’s “Southern heritage.”

“Not for race. Nothing like that,” he told NBC.

The teen’s father, Gary Delicato, told NBC he acknowledges that others “have some issues” with the flag, but “we can’t all stop doing things just because somebody doesn’t like something.”

The schools superintendent said Thursday’s incident marked the third time the student has brought the flag and that he’d previously been warned after several classmates complained and staged a protest.

Despite acknowledging First Amendment concerns, the superintendent said school policy prohibits students from bringing materials that could be considered disrupting, including the Confederate flag, the station reported.

Two days earlier, a 16-year-old Shelbyville, Kentucky, student said he was asked to leave school for refusing to remove a Confederate flag mounted to his car.

In that incident, educators also said the flag was disruptive to the learning process, a local ABC News affiliate reported.



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