- - Thursday, November 10, 2016

NEW YORK CITY | President-elect Donald J. Trump — the name really has a sweet ring to it! — has earned a mandate unlike any predecessor in more than 30 years.

He overcame all the odds, beat back both political parties, jumped around all the powerful special interest industries that own Washington and scored an unprecedented victory for the people.

And he did it all while circumventing the massive media machine that worked in lockstep unison to block him at every turn. Every mainstream newspaper and television outlet — after months of gorging themselves at the profit trough of his monster ratings — shirked all pretense of covering the election fairly.

Mr. Trump — excuse me, President-elect Trump — was smeared as a racist, xenophobic misogynist with tiny hands and a small bank account.

Then he beat the last GOP standard-bearer among blacks and Hispanics. Even Hillary Clinton’s much ballyhooed appeal to women shrank a bit from President Obama’s levels in the past two elections. Those right there are the single most devastating statistics out of the whole election. The mainstream media has cried wolf for the last time. Nobody is listening to any of them anymore.

Instead of killing President-elect Trump, they sheathed him in Teflon and their nasty attacks inoculated him against future media scrutiny. That is scary. But it is just what happens when you destroy your own credibility the way the media has.

The only people left believing these liars and slime artists are these melting snowflakes calling in sick and hovering in safe places under their beds — the dopes marching in the streets demanding civility as they shout threats to grab Trump by his genitals.

Or these thug criminals beating the tar out of a Trump voter at a street intersection.

These snowflakes need to tread very, very carefully because these kinds of wild and violent and ugly demonstrations will only strengthen President-elect Trump and his now-vocal majority.

Anyway, these people have no one to blame but themselves and the outgoing current President, Barack Obama, who promised them the world and promised all of us a healed country. “Post-racial” they were calling it in 2008.

Well, he has surely failed on that score. Race relations in this country have not been this ugly and strained in decades. The president’s divisive, racialist language and posture throughout his presidency has set the country back many, many painful years.

Now we have a new president. He sweeps into office with a clear and bold mandate from the people.


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