- The Washington Times - Friday, November 18, 2016

Liberal commentator Piers Morgan is telling anti-Donald Trump millennials to “suck it up” and stop whining about Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeat.

The U.S. Daily Mail editor-at-large wrote a scathing column Wednesday describing millennials who can’t “stop crying” over Mr. Trump’s victory as a “faux-tormented bunch of absolutely deluded cretins.”

“Want to know why Trump is going to be your next president? It’s because he is what’s called a ‘winner,’” Mr. Morgan scolded. “Winning is what life’s really about — whether in sport, politics, or simply producing the best decorated pumpkin in your town’s Thanksgiving parade.

“Why wallow in self-induced mediocrity?” the former CNN host asked. “Yet that is precisely where so many of America’s 80 million millennials enjoy wallowing, and as a result they have become the most pampered, privileged and selfish members of the human race in history.

“They don’t understand the concept of ‘losing’ because they’ve never had to experience it,” Mr. Morgan continued. “This, coupled with the advent of social media technology that allowed them to post relentless ‘filtered’ images of themselves, led to staggeringly self-absorbed figments of their own perfection. The combined effect of these two things has been to create a deep-rooted sense of entitlement that manifested itself in a breakdown of biblical proportions when Trump triumphed last Wednesday.

“Winners like Trump don’t weep and wail when they lose. They vow to win next time,” he wrote. “Winners like Trump don’t take days off to ‘process’ their loss. They dust themselves down and get on with life. Winners like Trump don’t assume they’ll win. They do what it takes to win.”

Mr. Morgan went on to describe Mrs. Clinton, the former Democratic nominee, as being a “dull,” “uninspiring” candidate who never stood a chance to win the presidency. He praised Mr. Trump for focusing his time and resources on America’s rust belt states, where “idealistic, sugar-coated nonsense is complete anathema.”

He also slammed the national wave of anti-Trump protests as “pathetic” and told millennials to stop wallowing in their own self-pity.

“Nobody rioted when Obama won, twice – though feelings ran just as high against him from those who voted for the other side,” he wrote. “As Trump’s rally song by the Rolling Stones so perfectly summed it up: ‘You can’t always get what you want.’

“Well, welcome to the real world, my delicate little Instagrammed snowflakes. This is how democracy works,” he wrote. “So suck it up you squealing softies, get back to work or college, and if you want to win next time, get a candidate who’s a winner not a loser.”

Mr. Morgan defended his column on social media amid backlash from his fellow liberal journalists. He insisted that even though he has been a friend of Mr. Trump for years, he didn’t vote for the president-elect nor endorse him.

He tweeted Thursday morning that he had a 15-minute conversation with Mr. Trump on the phone.

“He was on great form & very excited about the challenges ahead,” Mr. Morgan wrote.

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