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If Hillary Clinton wins next week’s election, the United States will immediately be plunged into a constitutional crisis the likes of which we have not seen since at least Watergate. Perhaps not since the Civil War.

In truth, this current situation is far worse than Watergate because you would have a presidential nominee coming into office under criminal investigation for the highest of crimes that could be committed by someone who will then take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

All the millions of Americans who voted against her — and even many who voted for her — will not believe a single word of her oath. She will begin her presidency with zero credibility.

From there, things will only get worse.

If she wins, President Obama will pardon her before he leaves office. I predict he will pardon her late on the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving Day, when America has gone shopping. She will be the third turkey Mr. Obama pardons at the White House that week.

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After all, Mr. Obama has said repeatedly that Mrs. Clinton has merely committed honest and simple mistakes with her email. She is being held to a higher standard because she is a woman. It’s all a vast right wing conspiracy against her.

He and the Clinton mafia and an alarming number of loyal Democratic voters summarily dismiss the mounting evidence that Mrs. Clinton shows stunning disregard for national security, lies with impunity and used her position as secretary of state to enrich herself to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The depth of her dishonesty and the breadth of her corruption is unmatched in history.

In the case of Watergate, President Nixon was cast out of the White House and then pardoned.

In this case, Mrs. Clinton would be pardoned — and then cast INTO the White House.

When Nixon departed the White House, he was heeding bipartisan political will. Hillary Clinton will be clinging to power amid acrid partisanship.

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The explanation Mr. Obama will give for pardoning her is that she cannot have all these charges and accusations and investigations hanging over her as she assumes the mantle of commander in chief.

Mr. Obama himself has displayed a cavalier disregard for the constitution and the rule of law and a bold willingness to push partisan politics where no president before him has. Pardoning Mrs. Clinton would be as easy for him as signing his name.

Even if by some wild twist, Mr. Obama failed to pardon her, how long do you think it would take President Hillary Clinton to pardon herself? She would then proceed to take the Justice Department — already politicized like never before under Mr. Obama — and further turn it into a political operation to protect herself and her cronies and pursue her enemies.

Meanwhile, a Republican congress would be forced to begin the process of impeaching yet another President Clinton.

America, buckle up!

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