- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Michael Moore issued a reality check for fellow liberals Wednesday after President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning election victory.

The filmmaker took to Facebook to admonish liberals for not taking Mr. Trump and his followers seriously. He issued a “morning after to-do list” outlining the next steps that Americans should take to ensure an upset like this doesn’t happen again.

“Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people. They have failed us miserably,” Mr. Moore wrote. “Fire all pundits, predictors, pollsters and anyone else in the media who had a narrative they wouldn’t let go of and refused to listen to or acknowledge what was really going on.

“Any Democratic member of Congress who didn’t wake up this morning ready to fight, resist and obstruct in the way Republicans did against President Obama every day for eight full years must step out of the way and let those of us who know the score lead the way in stopping the meanness and the madness that’s about to begin,” he continued.

Mr. Moore said treating Mr. Trump like a joke candidate only strengthened his campaign.

“Everyone must stop saying they are ‘stunned’ and ‘shocked,’” he wrote. “What you mean to say is that you were in a bubble and weren’t paying attention to your fellow Americans and their despair. YEARS of being neglected by both parties, the anger and the need for revenge against the system only grew.”

Mr. Moore then slammed the Electoral College as “insane” and stressed the importance for distraught liberals to remember that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

“If you woke up this morning thinking you live in an effed-up country, you don’t. The majority of your fellow Americans wanted Hillary, not Trump,” he wrote. “The only reason he’s president is because of an arcane, insane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College. Until we change that, we’ll continue to have presidents we didn’t elect and didn’t want.”

“Let’s try to get this all done by noon today,” Mr. Moore concluded.

His post was shared more than 33,000 times in one hour.

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