- The Washington Times - Saturday, October 15, 2016

Okay, now it is getting personal. As my son, and many other like him, prepare to enter a service academy next year, the Obama administration threatens war with Russia in an overt political move to enable Hillary’s election and stop Trump. The ‘Russians are coming!’ narrative is getting dangerous, but they don’t care.

Young men and women will die in a war that Obama is stoking, but they don’t care. The Left only cares about power, screw the fly-over country folks who will fight such a war.

Vice President Biden openly threatened Russia with cyber warfare in an incredible display of selfish incompetence. The Russians probably are hacking our systems, the same as the NSA does to them.

If you want to force consequences, you do this privately, with plausible deniability. You don’t announce it to the world and give Vladimir Putin the exact excuse he wants to further flame domestic hatred of America and continue threatening actions globally.

The Democrats are frightened and shocked that their corruption is being put on display for the world to see. The American people are having their eyes opened to the filthy criminality of the Democratic Party and their corrupt media cheerleaders.

Incredibly, the answer to their lying being exposed is to threaten war with Russia, a nuclear power that could destroy America in thirty minutes. The Democrats do this at a time when our nuclear deterrent is aging and becoming obsolete. Nice move Hussein.

Yes, this is now personal. Obama, you are toying with my son’s life. You’ve now made me, an American dad, and millions of others like me, very angry.

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