- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 20, 2016

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said Donald Trump’s debate comments about whether he’ll respect the election results are more like those of a “third-world dictator” than a potential U.S. president.

Asked during Wednesday night’s final presidential debate whether he would respect the election’s outcome, Mr. Trump, who has consistently claimed the election is “rigged,” said he would have to “look at it” when the time comes.

Mr. de Blasio, who endorsed Hillary Clinton last October, argued that the Republican presidential nominee is creating a scapegoat to justify his inevitable defeat.

“I think this is the big con. I think this is Donald Trump at his con artist best — setting up a dynamic where he has an excuse for his defeat. And he’s going to lose because the America people rejected his ideas,” he told CNN. “He’s run a racist campaign, he’s run a divisive campaign and has not spoken to how he changed this country for the better and the people are going to reject it. So he sets up this fantasy to justify why he lost. But it’s dangerous.”

Mr. de Blasio compared Mr. Trump’s comments to a “third-world dictator” or a “military leader about to attempt a coup in a foreign country,” not a potential president of the United States.

“New Day” host Alisyn Camerota mentioned that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Trump surrogate, had claimed he saw voter fraud during his own campaign, including dead people voting.

“Well, first of all, Rudy Giuliani is increasingly delusional,” Mr. de Blasio said. “Second, there’s been so many studies of voter dynamics around the country that prove there is no meaningful voter fraud in this country at this point. What Trump is doing is he’s trying to plant another racist seed where he suggests that any kind of voter fraud happens in cities, happens in communities of color. It’s just a classic tool. It’s a tactic to try and undermine the democratic process.

“We’ve seen this before. This is what fascists do,” he said, adding that Mr. Trump is “undermining our democracy.”



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