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Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has a master plan in place “to change history” and win the 2016 election. He maintains that quirky political circumstances, voting variables and polling inaccuracies could play in their favor.

“A realistic analysis of polling data across the country shows that Johnson and Weld are ‘covering the spread’ in almost 20 states. Polls in those states show the Johnson-Weld ticket with levels of support greater than the margin between the Republican and the Democrat. A very unique situation,” Mr. Johnson reasons. “What does that mean? It means 2016 is a historic opportunity. Right now, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has a comfortable path to 270 votes. One or two states could very well determine the outcome — or prevent either Clinton or Trump from securing that crucial 270 votes in the Electoral College.”

This situation presents “a clear and realistic strategy” for the third party should the election end up being sent to the House of Representatives, as per established protocols, say the Libertarian gents.

“When this occurs the U.S. House membership will vote by state to choose the next President. The current House when assembled by state is strongly Republican, thus preventing a Clinton win in the House from occurring. Given the dissatisfaction and lack of support for the Trump candidacy shown by members of the Republican House and Republican House leadership any willingness to vote for Trump is now questionable. This presents a unique opportunity,” Mr. Johnson notes.


“Only 12 percent of voters say the sexual harassment allegations against Donald Trump changed their decision on which presidential candidate to vote for. Eighty-three percent say the issue hasn’t changed their mind,” says a new Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday.

Forty percent of women say the allegations are very important to their vote, compared to 27 percent of men. But women (10 percent) are even less likely than men (14 percent) to say the allegations have caused them to change their vote,” the survey of 1,000 likely voters notes. Half of all respondents believe the media have covered the allegations against Mr. Trump too much, while 13 percent say the charges have been covered too little. A third rate the coverage “about right”.


“No matter how crazy this election seems, it is less crazy than the condition of our country,” said Peter Thiel — the billionaire venture capitalist who publicly supports Donald Trump in his quest for the White House — during an appearance at the National Press Club on Monday.

“Just as much as making America great again, Trump’s agenda is about making America a normal country,” Mr. Thiel said, adding. “What Trump represents isn’t crazy, and it’s not going away. He points to a new Republican Party.”


“Home stretch: any way you slice it, this race is tightening

— Townhall political editor Guy Benson, who adds that “things could plausibly get worse” for a certain Democrat in the next six days, “as voters marinate in yet another round of brutal headlines that serve as timely reminders of why Hillary Clinton is so widely disliked and distrusted.”


Conservative independent Evan McMullin recently won the presidential polling derby in Utah, besting both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump was not very keen on the McMullin campaign, warning that the candidate — a former CIA officer — could compromise the GOP in the Beehive State.

“He could win Utah if he were a real conservative,” Mr. McMullin said of Mr. Trump in an interview with Fox News on Monday.

“The problem is that he has a lifelong record of being pro-late-term abortion, against the second amendment, wants to expand the size of government, doesn’t know the first thing about our constitution, doesn’t want to respect it, he’s run a bigoted, sexist campaign — that’s why he’s losing here. It’s not because of me,” the candidate said.

Mr. McMullin also questioned reports that the Trump campaign had called him a “nobody,” among other things.

“I’m a nobody they say. I’m proud to be a nobody. This isn’t about me, this is about the principles that this country was founded upon, that’s what I’m fighting for, that’s what Mindy Finn my running mate is fighting for, and that’s what our supporters are fighting for,” proclaimed Mr. McMullin. “They say nobody knows who Evan McMullin is. Well, there’s somebody who knows, and they’re the people of Utah. And there are people across the country who are supporting us.”


Another week, another example of biased news media. A new 10-month study by the conservative watchdog Newsbusters.com discovered that the three major broadcast networks virtually ignored the struggles of Obamacare and its basic infrastructure for quite some time.

“Despite skyrocketing premiums, major insurance companies backing out, and one state exchange after another failing, in all of 2016, the evening news broadcasts of ABC, CBS and NBC have only devoted 10 minutes and 21 seconds combined to Obamacare failures. Until former President Bill Clinton called the Affordable Care Act ‘this crazy system’ on October 3, ABC and NBC hadn’t covered any Obamacare news in 2016 at all,” observes analyst Mike Ciandella.

“For this study, we looked for any mention or reference of Obamacare, even if it didn’t have to do with policy,” he adds.


88 percent of U.S. homebuyers purchased their home this year through a real estate agent or broker.

86 percent bought previously owned homes; 83 percent purchased a single-family home.

66 percent of the buyers were married couples, 17 percent single females.

35 percent of buyers were first-time home owners.

8 percent were unmarried couples, 7 percent singles males.

8 percent of home sales were sold by the owners acting without an agent.

Source: National Association of Realtors poll of 5,465 home buyers conducted through July, and released Monday.

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