- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Donald Trump’s ongoing battle with CNN heated up ahead of Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, as the GOP nominee tweeted that the network “is so negative.”

Mr. Trump, who said he’d be posting on his 12-million strong Twitter account throughout the debate, said he was ditching CNN and turning his television to Fox News, “where we get a fair shake.”

“Wow, @CNN is so negative,” he said. “Their panel is a joke, biased and very dumb.”

CNN has relied on what appears to be an ever-expanding panel of analysts, including political operatives and journalists, to fill the time before major political events in this campaign season. Some of the operatives are Trump supporters, though often they are outweighed by Democratic operatives, Republicans who aren’t fans of Mr. Trump, and by the journalists who have found fault with the way the maverick GOP nominee is conducting his campaign.

Mr. Trump, on Twitter, predicted that his vice presidential pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would “do great” in the debate.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed begged to differ.

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In a Tweet Mrs. Clinton signed personally with her “-H,” she urged her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, on.

“Go get ‘em, Tim,” she said.

The rest of her feed consisted of posts by her campaign accusing Mr. Pence of enacting “hateful policies” into law in Indiana. And Mrs. Clinton’s campaign tried to drive a wedge between Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence, saying the GOP candidate waffled when trying to settle on his final pick of a running made.

“Before Mike Pence takes the debate stage to defend his running mate, remember the time Trump couldn’t decide whether he wanted him at all,” Mrs. Clinton’s campaign said, highlighting video of news reports and clips of Mr. Trump himself mulling over how narrow his list was.

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