- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a “national disgrace” and a racist in hacked emails, according to multiple reports.

The liberal Buzzfeed and the conservative Daily Caller both published articles Tuesday night based on Powell emails from DC Leaks, which publishes documents hacked from the nation’s political elite.

In emails to journalist and former aide Emily Miller over the summer, Mr. Powell not only called Mr. Trump a “national disgrace” but also an “international pariah” who mainstreamed the “birther” movement questioning President Obama’s eligibility to be president, according to the reports.

Mr. Powell told Ms. Miller in August, according to Buzzfeed, that “the whole birther movement was racist” in denying a black president’s legitimacy.

“That’s what the 99% believe. When Trump couldn’t keep that up he said he also wanted to see if the certificate noted that he was a Muslim,” Mr. Powell reportedly continued.

While Mr. Powell did not confirm the emails were authentic, he told Buzzfeed “I’m not denying it.” He told the Daily Caller he “wasn’t aware of any infiltration of my Gmail account.”

Email security has become a major issue in this year’s presidential campaign, and Hillary Clinton supporters have defended her use of a private account and server by noting that Mr. Powell used a private account while secretary of state — a claim that irked him considerably, according to the emails.

Mr. Powell repeatedly warned Clinton confidante Cheryl Mills, according to the leaked emails, not to get him involved.

“You really don’t want to get me into this,” he wrote in a March 7, 2015 email. “I haven’t been asked nor said a word about HRC and won’t unless you all start it,” he told Ms. Mills.

Other messages to her show Mr. Powell was reportedly concerned with actions by Clinton surrogates James Carville and Joe Conason.

“James is out there screaming away about me and Jeb [Bush] doing the same thing and getting away with it. Not only is he factually wrong it ain’t working. He is just throwing more logs on her fire,” Mr. Powell reportedly wrote.

In correspondence from this August with someone else, unnamed by the Daily Caller, Mr. Powell laments that he tried to “warn [Clinton’s] people three times” and vowed that if efforts to tie him in continue, “I will send an even tougher counterattack from a Trump media friend.”

This was an old complaint though. In March 2015, shortly after the first reports that Mrs. Clinton used a private account and server to handle official business, Mr. Powell reportedly wrote to a “Beth Jones” rhat he has been “having fun with emailgate” and noting that “Hillary’s Mafia keeps trying to suck me into it.”

And in an email to Andrea Mitchell of NBC News from this August, reported by Buzzfeed, he said that while he had sent Clinton a memo about his email habits as secretary of state, “I said nothing about servers, basements, domains, Clinton foundation, government employees … Clintonistas have been trying for months to connect our usage.’

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