- - Tuesday, September 27, 2016

“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

— Vladimir Lenin

The #BlackLivesMatter movement is not a movement against institutionalized racism in America. It cannot be, because institutionalized racism in America, for the most part, doesn’t exist. We have a black president (notice I didn’t say African-American), our schools are integrated, our military is integrated and opportunity abounds for those who seize it in this country.

No, BLM is simply a front for a Marxist takeover and destruction of what made this country great — freedom and individual responsibility. It is a threat from within. It is seditious garbage. It is Marxism pure and simple. The movement is being funded from outside and the youth of our country are being manipulated and brainwashed.

Most of the “protesters” in Charlotte were from out of state and paid from outside. Of course there are a few bad cops out there. However, there are many more bad gang bangers and criminals terrorizing the black inner-city community. The Marxists are using the made-up meme that blacks are shot more than whites (and therefore cops are racist) to turn young, minority kids against their own country. Blacks are less than 20 percent of the population and commit over half the violent crime. Of course cops are on edge. However, even Harvard, not known for its conservative leanings, came out with a study saying blacks are statistically not shot more than whites by police.

Much of the inner-city minority community is dependent on government to survive. So much for the racist meme. How many trillions in wealth has been transferred through government payments to those ‘protesting’ racism? How many white Americans died in the Civil War to end slavery?

The only way to deal with this threat is to call it what it is and defeat it. These protestors have never seen real oppression. They are being taught to rail against free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to defend oneself, while they are given preference for admission into college based on the color of their skin. Our corrupt, Marxist education system has produced a lost generation.

Colin Kaepernick should be kneeling not for the national anthem but to thank God he was born in a country where he can make millions and then trash the flag that so many generations of American heros died for.

I for one have had enough. It’s time to call this ‘movement’ what it is and relegate it to the dustbin of history and get on with repairing our country after eight years of the divider in chief.

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