- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sean Penn made a rare late-night appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Tuesday, declaring that Americans can “stick it out” under a Hillary Clinton presidency or “masturbate our way into hell” with Donald Trump.

“There are two options: Either you can decide to divorce yourself from loving your children and piss on a tree and show that you have the power to piss on a tree,” the 56-year-old actor said. “Or you can go out and vote in a very big way for someone like Hillary Clinton — who then you can challenge and support, which is the only way that any kind of president can have any success — and you stick it out for four years. Or we can just masturbate our way into hell with a guy who looks like the only blonde magician.”

Mr. Colbert joked that he didn’t think Mr. Trump could “masturbate his way to hell” because his hands are too small.

“Proportional match,” Mr. Penn said with a smile.

The liberal actor was also asked by Mr. Colbert why he met with “dictators” like former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban President Raul Castro.

Mr. Penn took issue with the word “dictator,” saying Chavez “went through 14 to 16 internationally observed elections — more than any leader that we have goes through.”

“My primary interest has been that the United States, or I should say its media at large, when they demonize foreign leaders and therefore demonize in many cases their populations, this gets me interested to see what’s the perspective from that place?” he explained.

“I’ve just been interested to see it without watching it on Fox News, or CNN, or The New York Times, and to see if I saw something different,” he said. “And I’ve written what I think about it, and I’m willing to be called the names that I’ve been called.”

Mr. Penn appeared on the late-night show to promote the audiobook he narrated, Pappy Pariah’s “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.”

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