- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Now this is an impeachable offense — if city council members could be subjected to such treatment, that is.

Seattle City Council members have given the OK for $1 million of taxpayer dollars so illegals can hire attorneys and tap into legal services that will — get this — help them fight their deportations.

Only in America.

No other nation on Earth would seriously allow government funds to be used to fight the government.

Nearby Metropolitan King County Council is doing similarly, allocating about three-quarters of a million dollars to provide illegals the same type of legal assistance.

Who else, you ask? Who else is on this list of misfit representatives — misfit because they’re upholding the rights of illegals, which aren’t really rights because they’re not citizens, over the right of citizens?

Taxpayers in Washington, D.C., taxpayers in Los Angeles County, and taxpayers in Chicago, Illinois, are all being tapped for the same services, Breitbart noted.

These council members who think it fit and proper to use tax dollars in this way need to be voted out of office. Public servants take oaths of office and sign pledges of service to uphold the rules and regulations, the laws and orders, of their communities and localities, their state constitutions and the Constitution of the United States.

Giving illegal immigrants who face deportation the financial means of fighting their cases in court seems a bit like aiding and abetting criminals. Using taxpayer dollars to provide these services is a slap in the face to the taxpayers — the bosses of these public officials. And it’s time for the bosses to put the kibosh of such further expenditures.

Let those who wail for the plight of the illegals reach into their own wallets and pocketbooks if they want to help pay.

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