- The Washington Times - Friday, April 28, 2017

Let the marching begin. On the heels of the March for Science — which really ought to have been called the March Against Science — now come the People’s Climate March people.

And boy, are they ready to engage. Their motto, according to a video posted on their Facebook event page? “People’s Climate March: We resist. We build. We rise.”

Well and good. What exactly they’re building up and rising from are largely unknowns — but as the for the resisting part, that’s clear.

“[Saturday] is the 100th day of Trump’s Presidency,” People’s Climate Movement wrote, again on Facebook. “Join us as we bring the resistance back to his doorstep.”

Forgive the yawns. It’s just that after 100 days of anti-President Donald Trump protesting, which came on the heels of 200 or so days of anti-Candidate Donald Trump protesting, the Hate Trump message is getting a bit stale.

Perhaps protesters ought to shake it up a bit — try a more creative approach. For instance, instead of saying “Impeach Trump,” say “el process de destitucion Trump,” a Spanish language equivalent (or so the site Spanishdict.com tells me). Nobody will know what you’re talking about — except Spanish-speakers in the crowd, which, on second thought, means probably everybody will know what you’re talking about. In any effect, it’ll give pause.

Imagine the scene — everybody yelling and hollering “impeach Trump! impeach Trump!” and then, out of the blue, like a lone voice in the wilderness: “El process de destitucion!”

People will be like, whaa? And then they’ll clamor for more — ‘cause new is cool, you know. Think of the T-shirt sales to be had.

But if you really want to grab some attention?

Try the Russian word for impeach. It’s impossible to type on an English-only keyboard, but somebody out there in People’s Climate March land must know the translation. That’d be funny as anything, hearing some Russian screaming “impeach Trump” in the tongue of the motherland. Everybody would be wondering what happened to all the campaign love — To Trump, From Your Bestie, Putin. Make ‘em think; that’s the key.

Much better than making them yawn, yes?

So marchers — yes, by all means, march. Fill the streets with protests and cast-off hats made of bean stalks or roadkill skins, or whatever the going green movement material of the day happens to be. The environment’s in peril, climate change is a-comin’, and Trump — good Lord, man, Trump! — is still in the White House. Much to be done, it seems. But how about this time getting a little more creative with the protesting?

Think of the watchers. You’ve got an audience to entertain. And the old standbys, “impeach Trump,” “down with Trump,” “get Trump,” just aren’t grabbing the attention any more. After all, it’s one thing to be ridiculous. But it’s another thing entirely to be ridiculous and boring.

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