- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Susan Rice, of former national security adviser name — but “the YouTube video sparked the Benghazi attack!” fame — offered up some recommendations to President Trump, on his dealings with North Korea, that went pretty much like this: Do nothing.

Her advice, by way of an opinion piece in the New York Times, is titled, “It’s Not Too Late on North Korea.” A better title would, though, is this: “Why America’s So Happy Barack Obama’s Gone.”

Delusion is her middle name. Rice was the lady, after all, who kept trying to sell America, post-Sept. 11, 2012, fatal attack on America’s compound in Benghazi, that the radical Muslim uprising that left U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stephens and three other brave U.S. officials dead was due to a 14-minute YouTube video on the truths of Islam. Delusion then, delusion now.

Get this: “History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea — the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War,” Rice wrote.

She filled in the margins with lengthy explanations of all the other actions Trump could take on North Korea — like talking, and “being pragmatic,” and halting “reckless rhetoric,” and talking with the United Nations about more sanctions, and talking with China, and talking with others. You know, all the things the Obama administration was famous for when it came to foreign policy — yada yada yada, all talk, all diplomacy.

But cut through all her scholarly, intellectual layouts of why Trump is wrong on North Korea, and the gist is this: Rice wants America to once again cower to North Korea, hide out at the United Nations and huddle with other yapping foreign heads of state, and pretend that memos and finger-wags are as effective as military weapons — or more to truth, as Team Obama saw it, more effective.

Well this is why America’s winning on the political scales right now. Rice’s kind is gone.

Obama’s famous mouths of the world — the diplomats, the Cabinet leaders, the security experts and globalist-minded intel folk — are either gone from office or relegated to back seats in a much more military-minded administration.

Sitting back and pretending shop talk will settle North Korea’s mad aggressions is foolish.

Calling on this president to do nothing — to accept a nuclear regime and sit down and shut up about it — is futile. And for that, thank goodness. We had eight years of diplomacy and concession. Now it’s time for the Rices of the nation to settle down and accept this administration is not like the last — nor do Americans want it to be.

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