- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Once again, it’s the Second Amendment to the rescue.

A mass stabber cutting into three victims in Seminole, Florida, was apparently stopped dead in his tracks when his fourth target pulled out a gun.

Don’t expect this story to make CNN headlines.

Conversely, had the stabber been a gunman, and particularly a gunman with a Facebook page filled with messages of Jesus and reposts of biblical sayings, this would be MSM’s story of the day.

As it is, Breitbart carried the news: “The incident began when witnesses alleged they saw 49-year-old Bobby Martin Watson trying to rob a woman in a Publix parking lot. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies indicate that the woman, 44-year-old Rosanna Lynn, struggled with Watson and he stabbed her.”

According to the St. Pete Patch, the suspect then fled and a 44-year-old man, Christopher McMann, tried to intervene, but ended up being stabbed himself. Then another “good Samaritan” tried to help — 31-year-old Travis Jones — but was stabbed in the abdomen.

That’s when a fourth witness jumped to the rescue.

Donald Rush, 40, saw the events as they unfolded and instead of running to tackle Watson, went to his vehicle instead — and took out his gun.

“[Rush] disarmed Watson and held him at gunpoint until deputies arrived,” the Patch reported.

The three victims were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. But it could’ve been worse — much worse.

Guess why it wasn’t?

The Second Amendment. Yes, it’s the Second Amendment, no matter what elitists and liberals would have believed — elitists and liberals who often live in gated communities, where police response time to incidents in under two minutes, or where they’re escorted to and fro by personal armed security guardsmen. Guns save and protect, and more, not fewer, law-abiding citizens should take advantage of their rights to carry. Just ask Lynn, McMann and Jones.

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