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an, that scorched tummy has got to hurt!

Curled up in fetal position in a New York City subway tunnel with his belly seared black, terrorist Akayed Ullah could only bury his face into the filthy tiles of the floor — only made dirtier by his presence.

Some media organizations were quick to downplay the incident as an “attempted” terror attack.

No. It was a terror attack.

The animal was not detected beforehand and his plot was not foiled by authorities. A bomb did go off and terror was most certainly struck in hearts of millions. It all could have ended very, very differently and untold numbers of innocent humans would have — once again — been slaughtered in the name of Allah.

It was only Akayed Ullah’s stupidity and incompetence that spared us a far worse tragedy.

So much for 72 virgins, Ullah. Looks like you will be the only virgin — when you get to prison.

Almost immediately, the delusional wags in the media set out to blame President Trump. Obviously.

Bangladesh — the paradise nation that originally spawned Ullah — is not on the list of countries from which Mr. Trump wants to curtail immigration, they sneered.

OK, fine, then let’s add it to the list.

But the idea that these Trump Derangement goons who have spent a year and a half attacking Mr. Trump for his so-called “travel ban” are now criticizing him because it doesn’t apply to enough countries just goes to show how much they really do want to see America turned some kind of Stone Age theocracy.

Of course these people fail to note that Ullah never would have been in our country in the first place if another of Mr. Trump’s policies were already in place. This slug of humanity arrived here as part of the “chain migration” attached to an uncle who arrived here many years ago on a “diversity visa.”

Mr. Trump firmly advocates ending both “chain migration” and the “diversity visa” lottery system. Neither Ullah nor his uncle would have been here if Mr. Trump — and millions of decent, hard-working Americans — had their way.

Anyway, I thought the big argument for “chain migration” was that it kept families together. Yet this monster has a wife and offspring — back in Bangladesh!

In other words, now we learn that “chain migration” is not only allowing terrorists into the USA, it is actually tearing families apart. Is there any point at which we can all agree to end such evil and destructive immigration policies that set America on this suicide path?

Then, of course, there were the delusional Never Trumpers who quickly blamed the attack on Mr. Trump’s shocking decision last week to keep yet another campaign promise by moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. Never mind that U.S. embassies are always established in capital cities, even in terrorism hellholes like Bangladesh.

There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest Ullah was inspired by Mr. Trump’s decision on Jerusalem. But even if he had been, Mr. Trump’s decision remains a good one.

After all, just one terrorist attack and no casualties since Mr. Trump’s decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. Prior to that decision — while placating the terror mongers by keeping America’s embassy in Tel Aviv — there were thousands of terror attacks and hundreds of thousands dead in the name of Allah.

One other thing: This guy was an electrician — apparently not a very good one — working in New York City. He also worked as a taxi cab driver.

So much for all the years ex-President Barack Obama and his political mullahs kept telling us how these people are not really on any kind of religious jihad. They come in peace. The only problem is that they want jobs and need money to get them out of hopeless poverty.

Well, this guy was so poor he made multiple trips abroad over the past several years. Wouldn’t it be nice to be so poor!

Anyway, good luck, Ullah, in general population. You’ll be squealing like a pig — which probably was not exactly what you were going for.

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