- The Washington Times - Monday, December 18, 2017

Sgt. La David Johnson’s family said Monday the Pentagon has not told them any further developments about how he died, or what happened in Niger back in October.

“I want the truth. If they would’ve just told us the truth behind the situation from day one. we won’t even be sitting here because we would have closure,” C. Johnson, mother or Mr. Johnson, said on CNN.

The Associated Press reported Monday that Mr. Johnson was not captured in Niger, but fought until he lost his life.

Mr. Johnson was on a routine patrol accompanying Nigerien forces when they were ambushed by over 50 militants on Oct. 4. Four of the 12 servicemen were killed, including Mr. Johnson.

The report found that Mr. Johnson was shot 18 times as he hid in the brush after seeing his three fellow soldiers killed by militants. His body was recovered two days later.

The family said they have had the autopsy since November, but did not speak about it publicly. They said the army has not offered them any private details, and everything they have found about about Mr. Johnson’s death has been on social media or in the news.

“He honored the Army, and I wish they would’ve just honored him the same way he honored them,” Mr. Johnson’s mother said.



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