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The criminal indictment unsealed against former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn is part of a globalist plot to potentially kill President Trump and start a civil war, according to far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The “Alex Jones Show” host and fervent Trump supporter made the connection during his popular internet and radio program Friday within hours of Mr. Flynn pleading guilty in D.C. federal court Friday to one count of lying to FBI officials investigating Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential race.

Mr. Jones has frequently defended the president from allegations his campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, and during Friday’s broadcast he predicted the special counsel’s probe into the race could result in civil war.

“If we allow the evil people that hijack this country, the globalists, to remove Trump with all this fraud, and if we buy into the hype …  if they’re able to do that, it will cause a massive civil war in this country. Economic, physical, there’ll be all sorts of permutations of it, and it will absolutely have this country descend into a nightmare,” Mr. Jones told listeners.

“I don’t think they’re going to be able to remove Trump with all of this made-up Russia stuff, but they’re clearly going to go to their next plan to kill him, and they’ve been warming that up. And I don’t even like the different scenarios that are there of what we’re going to have to do to counter-strike against this,” he said moments later.

Mr. Jones uploaded an excerpt from the broadcast in a separate YouTube video and embedded it on his Infowars website Friday under the headline: “Removal Of Trump Will Trigger A Massive Civil War And The Globalists Will Lose.”

“I’m going to tell every one of you globalists and your minions: You’re going to be held accountable, and if you don’t have the fear of God, you better have the fear of man. Or you better start reading some history books, because let me tell you something right now: You kill our elected Julius Caesar when he’s delivered victory after victory like it’s messianic in just 11 months; you kill, or you remove this president illegally with all your crap with your dying media propping it up in the face of all of the evidence because you’ve got some unconstitutional, mad dog, rogue government snake out of the swamp, your swamp team; you pull that, you’ve signed your own warrant. Know that. Let it be known here in front of God, country, and the world that you are on a collision course with destruction. There’s no way you win this. There’s no way,” he continued.

Mr. Flynn is the fourth person associated with Mr. Trump to be charged by Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor leading the Department of Justice’s investigating into the 2016 election. He has agreed to cooperate with Mr. Mueller’s office, according to a plea deal unsealed Friday, suggesting he stands to provide investigators with potentially incriminating evidence concerning other members of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign and transition team.

Mr. Trump appeared as a guest on “The Alex Jones Show” in 2015 and told the host, “Your reputation is amazing.” Mr. Stone insists he maintains in contact with people close to the president, and Roger Stone, Mr. Trump’s former campaign advisor, appeared on his program as recently as Friday afternoon.

About 50 million people catch “The Alex Jones Show” every week through its radio or internet broadcasts, according to the host.

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