- The Washington Times - Sunday, December 3, 2017

The swamp is really bubbling now. The slobbering jackals with glowing eyes are slipping and sliding on their own drool, in a frenzy ready to feed on the juiciest kill in all of Swampdom.

Michael Flynn — fired by the Trump Administration for lying — has turned state’s evidence against the White House and agreed to cooperate with rogue prosecutor Robert Mueller and his endless game of pin the tail on the Trump.

How any of it amounts to “colluding” with Russia to rig last year’s election is beyond the imagination of any sane, rational person. But here in the swamp, there is very little rational sanity.

Most of these jackals from suffer syphilis-rotted brains that leave them as slow-moving zombies with glowing, dead eyes in search of any alien forces from the outside that threaten to drain their fetid, maggoty lair.

As always with these political witch hunts, Flynn is not pleading guilty to any crime that is a result of the Trump campaign or the Trump administration or anything involving President Trump. Flynn is pleading guilty to a crime that is the result of nothing other than Mr. Mueller’s investigation.

Lying to the FBI. The only reason Flynn was talking to the FBI in the first place, is this bogus investigation into Democratic hallucinations about the Trump campaign “colluding” with Russia.

As a result, Flynn says he will tell prosecutors that he contacted the Russians on direct orders from Mr. Trump himself. Or someone very close to Mr. Trump.

So, finally, Mr. Mueller has his witness. He finally has a witness willing to say what Mr. Mueller has been yearning for from the very launch of his quest, “worthy” of Inspector Javert.

And, of course, Flynn is willing to say anything Mr. Mueller wants him to say. Mr. Mueller threatened to jail him. Far, far worse, the rogue prosecutor threatened to jail the man’s son and leave his family destitute. Flynn’s wife would die a widow pauper if Flynn did not say what Mr. Mueller wanted him to say.

In other words, Mr. Mueller has bribed and blackmailed Flynn into saying precisely what Mr. Mueller wants him to say.

There are, however, a few curious thing that happened on the way to the federal courthouse.

First, Flynn says he was instructed to “collude” with the Russians after Nov. 8, 2016. But you can’t rig an election AFTER the election. Unless Mr. Trump has a time machine — and I suspect he would have bragged to us about that if he did — you simply cannot rig an election after it happened.

Second, Mr. Mueller has his witness. But it turns out Mr. Mueller’s witness is a bit of a compromised witness.

The one thing everyone seems to agree upon — former President Barack Obama, Mr. Trump, Mr. Mueller the federal courts and even Flynn himself now — is that Mr. Flynn is a liar. That is pretty poor footing upon which to mount a prosecution.

But don’t for one second think this means Mr. Mueller’s campaign to steal the presidency away from the American people is doomed. Rather, this just shows has desperately committed he is to this dangerous, unconstitutional obsession.

Charles Hurt can be reached at churt@washingtontimes.com and on Twitter @charleshurt.

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