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And the legend goes on, or something like that. Now on sale, it’s the Hillary Clinton Tree Topper, which features a very life-like plaster figurine of Mrs. Clinton with feathery angel wings and pristine white pantsuit, meant to go on the top of the Christmas tree. Actually, the Hillary Topper is ideal for the “Resistmas” tree. Yes, the Democratic holiday lexicon now includes the handy term “Resistmas” for those who still have not come to terms with the 2016 election.

But back to the plaster Hillary.

“She is most presidential of tree toppers, 3D sculpted in her iconic power suit with angelic wings, 3D printed to order with pinpoint accuracy, with a simple wire tie threaded through holes on her back to safely secure to your tree,” notes the description from Women to Look Up To, a British nonprofit promoting “female equality” and offering the decoration, along with versions based on Beyonc, Serena Williams, Angelina Jolie and other famous women.

“She’s the First Lady of Christmas tree decorations. Christmas tree topper, angel, or fierce fairy — now she’s a woman to look up to,” the organization promises, though the prices for the pricey Hillary ornament start around $107 for a version suited for a typical tree.

“There’s no word yet, however, on whether it smells of sorrow and corruption instead of the traditional fir tree scent,” writes Emily Zanotti, a writer for The Daily Wire.

Incidentally, those who attended the big Women’s March on the nation’s capital and other cities back on Jan. 21 have not forgotten the event, famous for pink knitted “pussy hats” and feminist slogans. Plans for the anniversary of the event are already in motion, and they include an official commemorative book titled “Together We Rise: Behind the Scenes at the Protest Heard Around the World,” complete with essays by Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Rep. Maxine Waters and many more. The hardcover book weighs in at 320 pages and showcases organizers now “sustaining and building on the widespread outrage, passion, and determination” of the event.


President Trump‘s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday created an instant, global media frenzy full of conflicting opinions and often hasty conclusions. Without further ado, some representative headlines:

“With Jerusalem move, Trump sabotages his own Mideast peace process” (The New Yorker); “Trump’s Jerusalem decision slammed as ‘deplorable and unacceptable’ by Palestinian Authority” (Newsweek); “Trump exposes the cause of Palestinian rage” (National Review); “Five reasons why Trump’s Jerusalem decision is reckless” (The Hill); “Jerusalem: Trump move prompts negative world reaction” (BBC News); “State Department to caution U.S. officials against travel to Israel” (CBS News); “Palestinians say Trump Jerusalem decision ‘biggest mistake of his life’” (CNN); “Trump is right — Israel’s capital is Jerusalem” (Fox News); “Jerusalem Is Not the Explosive Device — It’s the Detonator” (The Atlantic).


Read it and weep. Or laugh. Sen. James Lankford has just released “Federal Fumbles: 100 Ways the Government Dropped the Ball,” a helpful collection of incidents that detail budgetary outrages within federal offices. The Oklahoma Republican showcases about $500 billion — yes, billion — of wasteful spending through research grants, misuse of funds and expenses not particularly in the public interest.

“It is appropriate for Congress to provide federal agencies with the necessary funds and tools to accomplish their mission and protect or serve our nation. However, it is essential for Congress to ensure those agencies are doing the right thing, the right way,” Mr. Lankford says.

Among the programs, he cites “social security” for retired research chimpanzees, $2.6 million of research on the Alaskan stickleback fish, $75,000 to create digital puppets, $20,000 for an art camp for grownups and a $2.3 million study to determine if exercise can help senior citizens lose weight.

Mr. Langford’s comprehensive and revealing expose can be found here: Lankford.senate.gov.


An event of note at the Trump International Hotel, located three blocks from the White House and every inch a monumental and stylish presence in the nation’s capital: “Defenders of Liberty” were recognized at the Impact Awards staged Wednesday at the spectacular hotel.

“The awards recognize outstanding efforts of unsung warriors in numerous fields outside of government service, honorees who are making notable contributions to preserving America’s liberties,” says Liberty Consulting president Ginni Thomas, adding that awardees showed “tenacity, courage and perseverance, even under hostile attacks.”

Hosted by Fox News prime-time host Sean Hannity, the awards cited Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn; former Secret Service agent, author and media presence Dan Bongino; Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton; Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney; Turning Point CEO Charlie Kirk; Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning; Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe; nationally syndicated radio host Chris Plante; Center for Urban Renewal and Education President Star Parker; and Leonard A. Leo, executive vice president of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies. Richard Viguerie, who has been a vigorous and influential presence in conservative political strategy and outreach for decades, was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.


73 percent of registered voters say the Senate Ethics Committee should investigate claims that Sen. Al Franken engaged in sexual misconduct; 73 percent of Republicans, 70 percent of independents and 75 percent of Democrats agree.

61 percent say Congress should investigate all credible accusations of sexual misconduct against lawmakers; 49 percent of Republicans, 58 percent of independents and 74 percent of Democrats agree.

59 percent say Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, also accused of sexual misconduct, should be expelled from the Senate if he wins; 44 percent of Republicans, 57 percent of independents and 76 percent of Democrats agree.

54 percent say Mr. Franken should resign from the Senate in light of the claims; 60 percent of Republicans, 50 percent of independents and 53 percent of Democrats agree.

48 percent say Mr. Franken should be expelled from the Senate; 55 percent of Republicans, 42 percent of independents and 46 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Politico/Morning Consult poll of 1,997 registered U.S. voters conducted Dec. 1-3.

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