By Associated Press - Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ROSWELL, Ga. (AP) - Coyote sightings in Roswell and other parts of metro Atlanta continue to cause a stir among some residents.

The latest sighting was Monday morning. Dan Uhlmeyer, a resident of the north Point subdivision in Roswell, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( he spotted the animal in his snow-dusted backyard.

Uhlmeyer says it’s not the first coyote he’s seen in the yard, which backs up to a creek. But it was the largest.

“Apparently my next door neighbor was awakened by them last night,” Uhlmeyer said.

Coyote sightings have unnerved some in the area. However, Chris Mowry, an animal ecologist who coordinates the Atlanta Coyote Project, has said there’s no need to be overly alarmed.

The project website has guidelines for dealing with the animals. Tips include making trash cans and other possible food sources inaccessible and keeping pets indoors at night.

Other tips, include the use of fencing and shelters for small animals and livestock, with motion-activated lights to scare coyote’s away; making sure dead animals, including nearby roadkill, are disposed of; and keeping small mammals from feeding in and around bird feeders, which can attract coyotes.

“If you see coyotes near your home and feel uneasy about their presence, make loud noises, spray them with a hose, and generally make them feel unwelcome,” the website suggests.

Uhlmeyer said he posted pictures of the coyote in his backyard to a private online neighborhood forum, because the neighborhood has a lot of young children and toddlers.

“A lot of the coyotes that come through are shorter, and skinnier,” Uhlmeyer said in an email. “This looked the size of a very large dog, but was definitely a coyote.”


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