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Social Science 101 teaches that the foundational building block for every society is the nuclear family. The adage is true: “As the family goes, so goes the nation.” It is a simple truth, really: Happy, thriving families make for a happy, thriving country.

Some still mistakenly believe that the “man at the top” can solve all of our problems. These people tend to be “progressives” — folks who think that if government were just “a little bit bigger,” everything would be peachy-keen.

But both ancient and recent history (the last eight years of government run amok) prove the opposite. The bigger government gets, the more control, restrictions, rules and choking power it assumes over individuals and families.

The best thing that government can do for families is to get the heck out of the way!

If Donald Trump governs as he promised he would, America and her families just might find themselves living in what Lincoln called “a new birth of freedom.”

Lower taxes mean families will be free to keep more of the money they earn from the sweat of their brow and, thus, be free to do and purchase things they once only imagined but could not afford.

Fewer regulations mean that families who have longed to open their own businesses and experience more independence will find it far easier to do so.

Breaking the stranglehold that the federal government has on school systems means that more parents whose current only “choice” is to send their kids to the closest (often rotten) public school will discover that their states and communities will be more likely to allow parents the freedom to send their sons and daughters to schools formerly accessible only to the financially elite. Reducing the behemoth Department of Education means more freedom for teachers and parental influence in their own neighborhood schools.

Getting criminals off the streets by locking them up or shipping them back to the country from whence they came means that more children can experience the freedom to play safely in their own neighborhoods again.

Repealing the most oppressive and onerous government program in history, Obamacare, means liberating families from Uncle Sam’s dictates on where their children must get medical care. Replacing Obamacare with a system based on free market principles means that moms and dads will once again be able to make health care decisions for their sons and daughters. It also means that families can take their health care plans with them when they move to new jobs, even if those jobs are in other states.

Restoring religious freedom and the practice of free speech means that families will again be free to openly practice and talk about their faith and beliefs without fear of being persecuted and even prosecuted by a government that worships at the altar of political correctness.

Yes, Donald Trump shocked many of us over the years. But in his refusal to back down to political pressure, the PC police or the mass media, an unexpected blessing emerged: He began to usher in an entirely new era of freedom on every level.

May God guide Donald Trump to use his presidency to reduce government power — including the power of his own position — over every aspect of our lives. And may your family thrive and find great joy in the midst of this new found freedom. The very survival of our nation depends on it.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected]

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