- The Washington Times - Friday, January 27, 2017

In an interview with ABC News that aired earlier this week, President Donald Trump complained to anchor David Muir about the mainstream media’s lack of coverage for the March of Life.

When Mr. Muir asked if Mr. Trump could hear the protesters from the progressive Women’s March on Washington from the White House, Mr. Trump responded, saying:

“No, I couldn’t hear them. The crowds were large, but you will have a large crowd on Friday, too, which is mostly pro-life people. You’re going to have a lot of people coming on Friday. And I will say this, and I didn’t realize this. But I was told. You will have a very large crowd of people. I don’t know as large or larger. Some people said it will be larger. Pro-life people and they say the press doesn’t cover them.”

Mr. Trump boldly referenced the March of Life, which his Vice President Mike Pence will attend, and correctly said it received little to no air-time on the nightly news shows. A report by the Media Research Center released this week found the major television networks gave the Women’s March 129 times more coverage than last year’s March for Life.

Yet, surprisingly (or maybe not) the entire exchange about the two marches was edited out of ABC’s official transcript of the interview.

Maybe it was the doing of lazy intern, a faulty computer program or perhaps, more intentionally, a newsroom bias against the March for Life.

Either way, it proves Mr. Trump’s point. The press just doesn’t seem to want to cover it.

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