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As you read the words below, play with this question: If a reporter was able to hear a whistle that only dogs’ ears are equipped to hear, must he himself not also be a ….?

The question is apropos of the latest from the No. 2 organ of the American left — The Washington Post. Thanks to Charles Fain Lehman, writing in the Washington Free Beacon, we learn that The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart said President Trump’s speech in Poland was full of “white-nationalist dog whistles.”

” ‘We write symphonies.’ What on Earth does that have to do with anything?… In that one line, taken in context with everything else Trump said, what I heard was the loudest of dog whistles,” Mr. Capehart wrote.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny interpreted Mr. Trump’s Warsaw words as a “White America, America First kind of speech.”

Mr. Capehart, Mr. Zeleny and many dozens of other talented writers and talkers for U.S. newspapers, magazines and TV networks have declared war on American exceptionalism in favor of they know not what.

But they are the vanguard of a socialist, collectivist, internationalist movement that will take America to the same grave to which all previous great powers in world history have been dragged.

Dragged by whom?

By some of the very people who benefited most from what was good in their societies.

It is in the nature of people who regard themselves as members of their cultures’ intellectual elite to destroy that which gave them the enviable life and provided more freedom, opportunity and material well being for more people than other societies at the time.

Footnote: Only Western Europeans wrote symphonies. That, as any Japanese, Chinese, Iraqi, Indian classical musician in America will tell you, has one hell of a lot to do with everything.

Mr. Trump thinks we in particular and the world in general owe to Western Europe more than can be enumerated here, from the Magna Carta, the Renaissance, Reformation, industrial Revolution, astronomy and on and on. That is what Mr. Trump was people-whistling about in Poland.

Impossible for the dogs of journalism to hear, let alone get their paws around.

This vanguard of the revolution, made up of these anti-American journalists, occupies the strategic heights in our culture. They think alike, complete each other’s sentences, beaming proudly over their success in reciting the Immutable Truth and Scriptures of the left to a tee. They see themselves as patriots able to adapt patriotism to changing times in a changing America.

Make no mistake — they are formidable. They are the enemy of the opportunity society conservative America created.

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