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Behold, this is your health care, run by the federal government.

Politicians far, far away in Washington — advised by armies of bureaucrats whose salaries you pay but you have never met — all huddled in Congress deciding what pills they will give you and how long is long enough for you to be on life support.

Also, they will decide just how much money you will pay for pregnancy insurance, even though you do not technically have a uterus and your name is not Caitlyn Jenner. (Isn’t it funny how the only way anybody buys something named the “Affordable Care Act” is if the federal government forces them to buy it?)

Oh, and they are deciding just how much of your money they are going to set aside to “stabilize the insurance market,” which is just the latest rosy euphemism for “dump trucks full of your tax cash given to massive insurance companies that you already despise.”

Meanwhile, throngs of cloaked lobbyists slither the hallways of Congress in search of legislative gems and baubles they can haul in dirty sacks back to their nests to be pawned off later.

The closest thing to you — actual American citizens — here in Washington these days are the hoards of screaming unwashed healthcare “protesters,” by which I mean people who somehow do not work yet somehow manage to loaf across the country to bang drums and caterwaul up and down the sidewalk outside the Capitol at all hours. (For every one of them, somewhere there is a mom and dad just glad to have them out of the basement for a couple of days.)

Yet, to listen to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer bark and howl over today’s debate about Obamacare, you would think this is not exactly what they signed up for when they jammed Obamacare through Congress with little debate and precisely ZERO bipartisan support.

Well, what the heck did you expect putting federal bureaucrats and spineless politicians in charge of the American people’s health care?

Of course it will be messy forever. Did you really think Washington was the place best suited in all of America to make all the decisions about the most intimate and personal health care decisions?

Here we find ourselves in the very sewer of political depravity where only the most depraved politicians would dare to be seen.

“The president would not be ‘letting Obamacare collapse,’” Mr. Schumer said Tuesday, after President Trump signaled the failure by Republicans to fix Obamacare. “He is actively trying to undermine the health care system in the country, using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game.”

Like I said, only the most depraved and dishonest.

Again, Obamacare is circling the throat of the toilet and taking the economy, the American people and even insurance industry with it. And Mr. Schumer’s argument here is that Mr. Trump and Republicans are to blame for not FIXING the Obamacare that Mr. Schumer foisted on the American people?

Like I said, only the most dishonest weasels are capable of preening at times like this.

“He wants to throw up his hands rather than roll up his sleeves to work with us and solve the problem,” Mr. Schumer said of Mr. Trump as the sewage began filling in around him in the Senate chamber.

“The president is playing a dangerous game with the health care of this country,” he said.

No, Mr. Schumer, you and your democrats are to blame for this mess. And you are the ones who turned the American people into “political pawns.”

Now we’ll just see who it is the American people blame for this whole mess.

Charles Hurt can be reached at churt@washingtontimes.com and on Twitter by @charleshurt.

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