- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yahoo News anchor Katie Couric says otherwise clever people are consistently falling for fake news, and it’s tearing [America] apart at the seams.”

“I remember I got sent a lot of stories from friends who were quite educated and were like, ‘Did you see this?’ ” she told the New York Daily News in an interview published Thursday. “And I would say, ‘Come on, you’re kidding, right? This is BS.’ “

“We’re not doing enough of a good job of breaking down complicated issues and helping people really understand them,” she added.

The news veteran, who has hosted shows on NBC, CBS and ABC, ripped fake news sites but avoided blaming the mainstream media for spreading misinformation, the Daily News reported.

She did acknowledge, however, that the “lines have been blurred considerably” between straight news reporting and commentary.

“[Americans] are so divided that it’s hard for us to come up with solutions and find commonalities,” she said. “And there’s vitriol spewed by both sides at people who disagree with them.”

“We need to be less judgmental, and we need to listen,” she said. “It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adhere to principles or fight for what you believe in. But you also need to acknowledge that people have different experiences and are coming from a different place.”

On her end, Ms. Couric is relatively familiar with being accused of spreading fake news. A $12 million lawsuit accusing Ms. Couric and others associated with the anti-gun documentary “Under the Gun” of deceptively editing an interview with pro-gun activists was dismissed in late May.

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