- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 27, 2017

Libertarian podcaster and filmmaker Adam Carolla spoke before two House subcommittees on Thursday about the suppression of free speech and the loss of “order” on college campuses.

Addressing congressional members during a joint hearing before two House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittees, Mr. Carolla, a comedian and former MTV host, argued that college kids are, in fact, just kids and that it’s up to the adults to restore order in higher education.

“We’re talking a lot about the kids and I think they’re just that, kids. We are the adults,” he said. “These are 18- and 19-year-old kids that are at these college campuses. They grew up dipped in Purell, playing soccer games where they never kept score, and watching ‘Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!’ and we’re asking them to be mature.”

Mr. Carolla argued that the coddling of children can do them a disservice later on in life.

“We need the adults to start being the adults,” he said. “Studies have shown that if you take people and you put them in a zero-gravity environment, like astronauts, they lose muscle mass. They lose bone density. We’re taking these kids, in the name of protection, [and] we’re putting them in a zero-gravity environment, and they’re losing muscle mass and bone density. They need to live in a world that has gravity. You need to expose your children to germs and dirt and the environment to build up their immune system.”

“Our plan is: Put them in a bubble, keep em away from everything and somehow they’ll come out stronger when they emerge from the bubble. Well, that’s not happening,” he added. “We need to bring back law and order. But I think if we just had order, we wouldn’t need law. So could we just bring back order, and could the faculty and administration on these campuses act like faculty and administration?”

Mr. Carolla mentioned how he and radio host Dennis Prager, who are co-filming a free speech documentary titled, “No Safe Spaces,” were recently blocked from appearing at California State University, Northridge in Southern California. Mr. Carolla said they threatened legal action against the college and were eventually rebooked for a later date.

Ben Shapiro, a conservative speaker whose college events have been heavily protested and often canceled, also spoke at the hearing.

He said the suppression of free speech on campus “turns students into snowflakes, craven and pathetic, looking for an excuse to be offended so they can earn points in the intersectionality olympics and then use those points as a club with which to beat opponents.”

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