- The Washington Times - Saturday, July 29, 2017

Climate change is back in the news now that Al Gore has produced a new book and a new movie on the subject. Furious activists continue to sound the global warming alarm, and remain vexed at President Trump for recently abandoning the Paris Climate Agreement.

But are critics practicing green-minded lifestyles? Maybe not, says a new poll.

“New data suggests that while most Americans are coming to terms with climate change, many aren’t doing much, if anything, about it,” writes Gregory McCarriston, an analyst for the polling firm YouGov, which recently queried a thousand people on their habits.

“We asked respondents about their consumption of fossil fuels and red meat, both of which have been noted for their impact on Earth’s ecosystems. Commercial beef production, for instance, accounts for more greenhouse gas each year than all the cars on the planet. 13 percent of climate change believers said they’ve greatly reduced their consumption of red meat, and 17 percent said they’ve reduced a little. 66 percent haven’t changed their habits at all,” Mr. McCarriston says.

“Climate change believers were also asked about how their fossil fuel consumption has changed since hearing about climate change; 9 percent have cut back a lot, while 54 percent haven’t changed their consumption at all,” he notes.

A number of respondents have increased how much they recycle and practice sustainable waste management habits, like composting or reusing, since hearing about climate change. 53 percent have to some degree increased their responsible waste management, while 44 percent have not changed their habits at all.”

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