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Despite calculated Democratic distractions and media attacks, President Trump has signed more bills into law at this point in office than four of his predecessors, besting former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. So says House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy himself.

“Considering that President Trump is getting hit with slings and arrows from all sides including from within his own White House, he is counterpunching and deflecting far better than the press and Democrats think. Trump’s chief concern now is to get congressional Republicans to stop being scared of their own shadow and pass his pro-growth agenda,” Ford O’Connell, adjunct professor at The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management, tells Inside the Beltway.

“That said, President Trump could make his life easier by expanding and bolstering his communications shop so that his message is more streamlined and consistent. As for Twitter, Trump needs to start tweeting with a message-specific purpose and cease the stream-of-consciousness tweets, particularly when they relate to ongoing investigations and matters before the courts. In politics, there are a lot of things you can’t control, but to be successful you should control what’s in your grasp. If you do that, the rest will take care of itself,” Mr. O’Connell continues.

“Contrary to media reports, a good number of Trump’s core supporters recognize the president’s mistakes and shortcomings. Most previously voted for Bush 43 or Mitt Romney, some voted for Obama. But what unites them is a belief that Trump is the last best chance to get things done in a Washington that no longer represents them,” says Mr. O’Connell. “What fuels these folks is a press corps obsessed with Russia, a Democratic Party kowtowing to an inflamed left-leaning base and smug Republican elites who are all hell-bent on taking down Trump. In other words, it is the venom of this motley consortium that keeps Trump’s grass roots support thriving. As strange as this may seem, welcome to the new normal in politics.”


“The Democrats have a playbook. We know it. It’s resist, obstruct. We see them do it at every level,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel tells Fox News Sunday.

Part two, however, is underway.

“Now, it’s throw doubt on the administration. Open as many investigations as possible, cloud the administration as much as possible because they are trying to run out the clock to 2018. That is their playbook. We know it,” Ms. McDaniel adds.


After personally witnessing President Trump‘s speech at the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in the nation’s capital, Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, came away with a new mission.

“As the president spoke passionately of the role of faith in American life, of the freedom Americans must have to live their faith and of the freedom pastors must have to preach that faith without government restriction, I could not help but think that there are so many in the church who do not yet realize what a blessing this president is for the church,” says Father Pavone.

“Perhaps most important of all is that he told us that we religious believers delivered the election to him and that in next year’s midterms, we need to do the same to increase pro-life majorities both in the House and in the Senate. This inspiring event made me all the more committed to do exactly that,” declares the priest.


From a new Gallup poll: 49 percent of Americans say abortion is “morally wrong”; 65 percent of Republicans and 32 percent of Democrats agree. Another 43 percent overall say abortion is “morally acceptable”; 27 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of Democrats agree.

In addition, 50 percent overall say abortion should be legal “in only certain circumstances”; 56 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats agree. Another 29 percent say it should be “legal in all circumstances”; 14 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of Democrats agree. And finally, 18 percent say abortion should be “illegal in all circumstances”; 28 percent of Republicans and 8 percent of Democrats agree.


Former Vice President Al Gore will soon preside over a “Climate Reality Leadership Corps” training session in Bellevue, Washington, at the end of the month. Here’s the pitch from the advocacy group:

“Over the course of three days, participants will: learn from our founder and chairman former U.S. Vice President Al Gore how to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis to people everywhere. Learn how to combine science and solutions to engage audiences. Learn to inspire others to take action. Hear from subject experts in such fields as strategic communications, climate science, and grassroots organizing. Network with global leaders and influencers.”

Oh, and one more thing:

“There is no cost to attend the training. However, participants must pay for their own travel and accommodations.”


49 percent of U.S. voters have an unfavorable opinion of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi; 29 percent have a favorable opinion; 22 percent have never heard of her.

43 percent have an unfavorable opinion of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan; 36 percent have a favorable opinion, 21 percent have never heard of him.

41 percent have an unfavorable opinion of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; 24 percent have a favorable opinion, 36 percent have never heard of him.

32 percent have an unfavorable opinion of Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, 26 percent have a favorable opinion, 42 percent have never heard of him.

Source: A Morning Consult/Politico poll of 1,999 registered U.S. voters conducted June 1-2.

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