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Mika Brzezinski, who is over her head in the kiddies pool and is on MSNBC solely because she’s the daughter of Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, rants daily on “Morning Joe” that the president is a “thug,” “a psycho,” “mentally unhinged” and on and on.

None in news media defend him or chastise her.

President Trump finally hit back Thursday with the “bloody facelift” comment.

Not presidential by previous standards? Yes. But he’s the man we elected. We knew he’d do that. We wanted him to hit back.

His own wobbly-kneed incompetent party — the majority party in the House and the Senate — hides under desks and behind chairs rather than hit back.

America has become the coarse nation that some thoughtful conservatives warned about 40 years ago. Mr. Trump, left to defend himself by himself, is defending our honor too.

The distinguished Republican Matthew Dowd wrote on Facebook that he was disappointed in me for abandoning my principles by defending what the president wrote abut Mika. My reply is as follows.

Dear Matthew:

I never in my life could have imagined my defending a president who says such undignified things, who sinks to the level of his wretched, craven tormentors. So I understand your disappointment in the me whom you came to know over the years and in my disregard for my own principles.

When I heard friends disparage President Obama in vile ad hominem ways I privately — sometimes publicly — reproved their disrespect for the presidency and the human being who occupies the office.

Never, however, have I seen news and opinion disseminators for all major news outlets so basely treat a president. My gut tells me that my silence and that of others would be seen as acceptance of these transgressions of the norms of civilized behavior.

If this be error and upon me proved, then I never wrote nor no man ever desperately resorted to incivility to restore civility.

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