- - Monday, March 13, 2017

Russia has been keen to sell Iran military equipment and technology since the sanctions were lifted on the Islamic theocracy and the billions started flowing from the Obama administration. In fact, you could say that President Obama was the best thing that ever happened to the Russian armament industry. You could also say Hezbollah, the Iranian terror army in Lebanon and Syria, feels the same about Mr. Obama, as they were surely the recipient of all those pallets of billions in cash, but that’s another story.

The Iranian armor capability was severely degraded during the Iran-Iraq War and the real Shia Islamic state never had the money to change that reality. After the dollars started flowing, thanks to Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes, Iran made noise about wanting to license the Russian T-90 tank technology and build the war machines “in-country.”

Subsequently, last year, Iran said it would “develop and build” its own tank and didn’t want to license the tank after all. Then, last Sunday, Iran publicly launched its own design which it says didn’t come at all from Russian technology. Unfortunately for this narrative, the “Karrar” looks just like a Russian T-90.

So Iran said it wanted Russian designs to build the T-90. Then, Iran said it didn’t need the T-90 design. Then, Iran unveils a T-90 lookalike. Go figure.

I guess since Iran is now also publically announcing that it ‘saved the Jews’ two times in ancient history, alternative facts are in vogue in Tehran.

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