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No mouthpiece in Washington is a more reliable one for crazy leftists in the Democrat Party than the Washington Post, which is out with yet another head-scratcher on illegal immigration.

The story not only reminds us how far out of their depth these people are when they try covering illegal immigration accurately, it also reminds us how hilariously obtuse they are about their own fake news and biases.

“In the wake of new enforcement policies announced by the Trump administration last week that dramatically expand the pool of undocumented immigrants targeted for deportation, Mexico is bracing for an influx of men and women like them,” Antonio Olivo reports from Mexico City. “Their arrival — along with a surge of undocumented immigrants leaving the United States voluntarily — promises to transform Mexican society in the same way their departure did.”

Interesting here how disruptive all these legal Mexicans returning to Mexico is considering how we have been told for years now that all the illegal Mexicans streaming illegally into our country is no big deal and if you think it is disruptive then you are a xenophobe.

We shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for Mr. Olivo to be branded as some kind of callous “alt-right” racist.

“Since President Trump took office in January, the number of U.S. government flights landing in Mexico City loaded with deportees has jumped from two a week under President Barack Obama to three, Mexican officials said,” the report continues. “The arrivals include convicted felons but also many without criminal records.”

This one is a triple-bank shot of confusion.

In the first place, I think we should be outraged that Mr. Obama was sending two flights a week of illegal aliens back to Mexico City. Who knew the guy was such a racist xenophobe?

At the same time, though, President Trump’s detractors have tried to portray the new administration’s policies as nothing new. Mr. Trump just spewed his hatred about enforcing immigration laws in order to get hate-filled racist American voters to vote for him.

Mr. Obama, they giddily claim, deported more illegals than any president in history — or some such nonsense. No. Mr. Obama changed the definition of “deported” to include those illegals turned away at the border precisely so his supporters could make such a dishonest claim.

“The numbers of immigrants deported from the United States waned in the final years of the Obama administration, which took steps to focus enforcement on hardened criminals and recent arrivals,” Mr. Olivo writes.

Oh, bummer.

Then the story gets really good.

Mr. Olivo actually finds a Mexican official to complain about all these returning Mexicans — because they don’t speak the language!

“‘Many of these people come not knowing how to speak Spanish,’ said Amalia Garcia, secretary of Mexico City’s labor department, which serves as a point of contact for the deportees. ‘They come feeling very bitter, very ashamed and very hurt.’”

Wait a minute? So it is no problema when these people come into this country LITERALLY not speaking English and we are hateful racist xenophobes for suggesting they learn English as a condition of living here — yet returning to Mexico with their Spanish a little rusty is totally unacceptable?

This is like if Franz Kafka and George Orwell got together and somehow had a farm animal. This is beyond crazy. But wait! There’s more! Mr. Olivo is not finished yet!

He then goes and interviews some economist and what they tell him is the most xenophobic thing yet.

“More returnees means lower wages for everybody in blue-collar industries such as construction and automobile manufacturing, where competition for jobs is likely to increase, economists say.”

What?! For years, these lying globalists have insisted that all these millions of illegal aliens streaming into our country does nothing to suppress wages here in America. But the second these workers return to Mexico, they sound the alarm that they will suppress wages of working Mexicans.

You know, somebody really ought to run a presidential campaign against this kind of nonsense. Oh, that’s right, somebody did. And he won.

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