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Even the mainstream media had to admit after the 2016 presidential election that the corporate media polls were just simply wrong.  Most likely they were wrong because of a progressive, anti-Donald Trump agenda that attempted to discourage Republican voters and lower turnout against Hillary Clinton.  The threat continues, as approval rating polls and others attempt to low-ball support for the president and prevent him from implementing his agenda.  

However, those Americans who read and attempt to find out what is really going on know that there were some polling entities that were feeding information to the White House during the election that allowed the Trump campaign to ride into victory on November 8th of last year.  These were called the “Deplorable Pollsters,” and they showed TMr. rump winning, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, etc.  

But let me ask you a question.  Do you know who was the most accurate pollster during last year’s election?

I’ll take a guess and say you don’t. Well, I’ll answer the question for you—People’s Pundit Daily (PPD).  Unlike other oft-cited surveys, PPD Battleground State Polls pegged President Trump’s victories on the statewide level in all but two states they identified as battlegrounds including Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.   Their final PPD Sunshine State Battleground poll released on Nov. 6, found him leading Hillary Clinton by 1.6%, rounded up to two points.  He won by 1.2%.  

Their final Michigan poll showed Trump +1%.  He barely won, but he won.  PPD’s final PPD Keystone State Battleground Poll released on Nov. 6, found Donald Trump taking 48.4% of the vote to Hillary’s 47.8%, a statistical tie that nearly nailed the vote exactly.  In Colorado, the final PPD Rocky Mountain Battleground State Poll found Mrs. Clinton leading Mr. Trump by 3 points, 48% to 45%.  She won by 3 points, 47% to 44%.  The final PPD Tar Heel State Battleground Poll found Mr. Trump leading by 3 points, 49% to 46%.  He won by 4 points, 51% to 47%.  

“There are too many polls and not enough pollsters,” R.D. Baris, the head of polling at People’s Pundit Daily said. “Not all polls perform equally and not all should be given equal consideration. In fact, there are numerous big name polling firms often cited by network and cable news that don’t even deserve any recognition, at all.”

“No pollster is going to have a perfect record, but at some point these same repeat offenders should just stop embarrassing themselves. They are damaging the industry as a whole,” Mr. Baris added. “If Big Media was ethical they would cite them with disclaimers. Americans are rightfully ignoring them until they prove their worth and earn back the public trust.”   

There are many military and geopolitical, existential threats to our beloved country.  However, threats can take many forms.  Fake polls to further the Left’s political agenda is one of them.  In my opinion, it’s time that those patriots who stood up for the truth to be highlighted and recognized.  People’s Pundit Daily polling is one of those.  

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