- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yet another Massachusetts city has jumped aboard the Impeach President Donald Trump bandwagon, bringing the Bay State total to five.

I’m from Massachusetts and even I think the state needs to go. Where? With California — where four cities have formally called for impeachment. To some other place, far, far away. At the least, secede already. Create a new East Coast-West Coast property, MassCal maybe, or Calass.

The place where all the liberals go. Elizabeth Warren can be queen, Bernie Sanders, king. And all the subjects can band together to grow their own food and stitch together clothing items from oak tree leaves and orange peels and create grand pronouncements against Trump to distribute amongst themselves and discuss. It’ll be like Waldon Pond, only bigger.

Trust me. Apologies to the Bay State’s Trump supporters. But even you know most Massachusetts people will read this recommendation and actually think it a marvelous idea — make that, mahvelous. Their eyes will get all glassy and their lips may utter things like “oh, don’t be ridiculous,” but inside, deep inside, they’re really thinking, as they imagine life without the riff-raff of the basket of deplorables and Chip passes around the Scotch: What a wonderful notion.

And “wicked pissa,” say all the blue-collar leftists.

Meanwhile. Californians?

They’re already building the wall — which is really quite astonishing, given their absolute hatred for the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

But so goes the elitist train of thought: Do as I say, because I know best, but don’t do what I do, ‘cause I’ll look like a hypocrite. Walls to escape Trump are quite justifiable, and reasonable, after all.

Brookline, Massachusetts, has just put out the call for Congress “to investigate impeaching President Donald Trump,” Newsweek noted.

And as Politico reported, it’s the 10th city to do so. Five are in Massachusetts, four in California, and the 10th is also in Massachusetts — it’s just being wait-listed right now.

The fact that Trump’s not committed any offense that’s impeachable? Well, that’s a minor aside. Seek and ye shall receive, as they say.

For leftists who can’t stand Trump, the crime is the least of consideration. First comes the hate, then the vision — impeach. The last piece of the puzzle? Well, that’s the fact — the fact of a crime actually being committed. And the left thinks that if it digs deep enough, the crime will one day, some day appear.

But in the meantime — why suffer to live among a Trump nation? Massachusetts, California: Just take your anti-Trump campaigns and go. Don’t look back; don’t let the door hit you. The country may have to pay more for citrus fruit. But really, we only eat cranberries once a year anyway. And in the name of peace, it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

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